Dubai! A mere mention of the destination is enough to take you to a fantasy land of the impressively glimmering skyline and rocking nightlife! A shopaholics’ paradise, malls in Dubai boast of some of the most upmarket, expensive brands of the world. Dubai, being a combination of deserts and beaches, is an abode of extremes, characterized by an exhilarating contrast between arid land and water parks. From the world’s tallest building to the most expensive malls and gold markets, Dubai is a spectacle for its tourists. Make a trip to Dubai with using the wide array of Dubai flights that we offer. Book your flights to Dubai, today!


Dubai International Airport is the primary international airport serving Dubai, UAE and is the world’s busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic, handling around 88 million passengers last year. It connects more than 240 destinations across six continents using more than 100 airlines. With so much dynamism, Dubai connects the world, quite literally. Book cheap air tickets to Dubai to with for a hassle-free holiday.



About Kuwait

Kuwait is an Arab country and is on par with any other city in the Gulf. It has managed to maintain the old- world charm. Authentic to its roots and traditions, Kuwait is an oasis amidst the deserts. The city has some fantastic museums, corniche beaches, souqs and restaurants that bring out the essence of the city in a different way. Kuwait lives with an enamour of its own. Quiet yet lively, that’s what Kuwait is.

About Kuwait Airport

The Kuwait International Airport connects Kuwait to major cities across the world. The airport is a hub for Kuwait Airways and is located about 16 kilometres away from the city centre. A part of the airport acts as the Military Air Base and also houses a Kuwait air force museum. The airport has a dedicated arrival and departures area. It also has shops, restaurants, cafes, lounges and prayer rooms for passengers.






Dubai! A mere mention of the destination is enough to take you to a fantasy land of the impressively glimmering skyline and rocking nightlife! A shopaholics’ paradise, malls in Dubai boast of some of the most upmarket, expensive brands of the world. Dubai, being a combination of deserts and beaches, is an abode of extremes, characterized by an exhilarating contrast between arid land and water parks. From the world’s tallest building to the most expensive malls and gold markets, Dubai is a spectacle for its tourists. Make a trip to Dubai with using the wide array of Dubai flights that we offer. Book your flights to Dubai, today!


Dubai International Airport is the primary international airport serving Dubai, UAE and is the world’s busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic, handling around 88 million passengers last year. It connects more than 240 destinations across six continents using more than 100 airlines. With so much dynamism, Dubai connects the world, quite literally. Book cheap air-tickets to Dubai to with for a hassle-free holiday.




About Kuwait

Kuwait is an Arab country and is on par with any other city in the Gulf. It has managed to maintain the old- world charm. Authentic to its roots and traditions, Kuwait is an oasis amidst the deserts. The city has some fantastic museums, corniche beaches, souqs and restaurants that bring out the essence of the city in a different way. Kuwait lives with an enamour of its own. Quiet yet lively, that’s what Kuwait is.

About Kuwait Airport

The Kuwait International Airport connects Kuwait to major cities across the world. The airport is a hub for Kuwait Airways and is located about 16 kilometres away from the city centre. A part of the airport acts as the Military Air Base and also houses a Kuwait air force museum. The airport has a dedicated arrival and departures area. It also has shops, restaurants, cafes, lounges and prayer rooms for passengers




About Eugene

Eugene is a city in the United States of America.It is known for its natural environment as well as outdoor activities.that’s why it is popular amongst backpackers. Its official slogan is “A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors.” It is a lesser-known US destination that gives a chance to relax and add creativity to your vacation; it is known also as the “Emerald City” and “Track Town, USA.” It is a city of Art, Theatre, Beaches and Outdoor activities.Mountain biking is worth trying. If you are thinking of to and from flights from Eugene, then think of You will be able to book online flights at cheap rates from us.

About Eugene Airport

Eugene airport is known as Mahlon Sweet Field. It is situated at a nearby distance with Lane County, south end of the Willamette Valley, and the Central Oregon coast. It is located at a distance of 11 miles from the town center. Various airlines connect Eugene with cities like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Oakland, and Las Vegas. Some of the airlines serving Eugene are Alaska Airline, American Eagle, Allegiant, Delta connection, United Express, United Airlines, Compass Airlines etc. You can book flights from your nearby location to Eugene at competitive rates from the portal.

IATA code: EUG



About Rome:

Rome, the capital of Italy, has a vast archaeological and artistic history that makes it the most favourite tourist destination. The city is also known as “Eternal City.” The reason behind the name is the ancient Romans who believed that no matter what happens in other parts of the world, Rome would go on forever. The smallest nation in the world, Vatican City is also a part of Rome. Rome has plenty of historic architecture, and a fascinating blend of culture and art in the city makes it populated by hundreds and thousands of visitors from all over the world. Rome is famous for its ancient sites, museums and palaces, Vatican city, beautiful gardens, and the beaches. It has secured 8th rank in the world’s most visited cities. Flying to Rome at the cheapest fares from your place is possible with the help of You can book to and from flights to Rome on our website.

About Rome Airport

Rome–Fiumicino International Airport is the airport in Rome. It is the primary international airport of Rome and the largest airport in Italy. The area is Fiumicino, a town 35 km southwest from Rome city centre. Rome airport facilitates various services like Personal Shopper free service,ATMs and currency exchange offices, First aid station,internet, fax machines, photocopiers, and a post-office. Airlines flying to and from Rome airport, are Aegean Airlines, AeroMexico, Air Europa Express, Air India, Air Italy, Air China, Blue air, Brussels Airlines, Easyjet Switzerland, Ernest Airlines, flynas, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Lufthansa, Malta Air, Qatar Airways, S7 Airlines, Thai Airways International, United Airlines, Virgin Australia etc. You can book cheap flights to Rome with us.





About Fort Lauderdale:

Fort Lauderdale is a city located on the southeastern coast of the US State, Florida. The city is bounded by several beautiful beaches and waterways. Buiding of a series of forts by the United States during the Second Seminole War gave a name to the city. It is famous for its art, culture, and events. The city has been known as “Venice of America” due to its expensive canal system. As most of the Caribbean cruise ships leave from here, the city is also one of the biggest cruise ship ports in the United States. The city showed enormous growth since its incorporation because of the agricultural community, and Naval Air Station. It is a significant tourist attraction for beach lovers. You can easily book affordable tickets to and from Fort Lauderdale here on the portal. You can contact us to book flights for Fort Lauderdale at economical rates.

About Fort Lauderdale Airport:

e Airport is the official airport in the city, known as Hollywood International Airport. Other than being the leading domestic airport in the southern region of the state, Fort Lauderdale airport is the most developing hub for travelling to and from Latin America and the Caribbean. Major airlines flying to and from the city are Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Virgin America Braniff International Airways, Delta Air Lines, Eastern Air Lines, National Airlines, Northwest Orient Airlines, Shawnee Airlines, and United Airlines. It has four terminals named Yellow, Red, Purple, and Green. Top destinations of the flights are Atlanta, Newark, New York, Baltimore, Boston, San Juan, Chicago, Toronto, Havana, Montreal, San Jose, Cancun and Bogota.Book to and from flights for Fort Lauderdale here at cheapest possible rates on

IATA code: FLL



About the city Ercan

The Ercan city is located in Cyprus towards the northern side of the island. It is located on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This nation is a member of European Union and it is counted as one of the most populous islands on the face of this planet. It joins directly to the northern side of Cyprus, which is famous for its weather, sea beaches, sea food and  more. The Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus has control over the region. It is one of the most beautiful nation on the face of this planet. Although this part of the world is going through a major power struggle, but it has not hampered the peacefulness of the region. The people are friendly and welcoming. Moreover, the city enjoys all the festivals and it has created a community of their own.The introduction of Air BnB has made the entire process of visiting and enjoying the place more memorable. It has a unique culture, some of it may look strange to the western side of the world and some of the other may look stranger to the eastern side of the world. This city has good historical values for the entire island. We provide detailed information regarding flights to and from Ercan. If you are interested in booking flights on cheap rates online, is the place to do so.

About Ercan Airport

The Ercan International Airport is the main airport at of Ercan. With nearby areas of the airport are well-developed. The international flights are currently banned but there is a non-stop flight from turkey to the city. Any flights that want to visit the nation will have to stop at the Turkish airport. Looking at the inconvenience and difficulty to travel to this place, most of the passengers who are traveling from abroad go to this place by road after stopping at the Larnaca International Airport. This airport has no restrictions and the people travel freely from anywhere in the world to this place. This airport has the runway distance of around 2.5 kilometers and it has the capacity to host seven aircraft at one time. The runway has a good distance for any plane to land; however; a large plane such as Airbus A380, with heavy load capacity, cannot takeoff from this place. Since the year 2017, this airport has seen a sharply declined number of passengers. Anadolu Jet, AtlasGlobal, Corendon Airlines, Freebird Airlines, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, and Turkish Airlines are some of the airlines that ply to and from the Ercan international airport.




About Erbil

According to the data collected by Numbeo, Erbil in Iraq is one of the safest cities in the world holding the 5th rank. This part of the world has seen its fair share amount of war and instability; however, it stills is the world’s most desirable place to visit. It is filled with rich culture and heritage. The people of this country are friendly and down to earth. Perhaps the unique quality of its citizens which cannot be found anywhere in the world is the fact that all the citizens hold their culture near to their heart. They have high priorities for nationalism and secularism. The citizens of this place live in peace and harmony and it is home to some of the most diversified ethnicity in the world. However, the Kurdistan people having a unique language, culture and many more with a history tracing back to the Ottoman empire. This city has many historical values and its lineage can be traced back to at least 6000 BC. This city is perhaps one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The heart of the city holds the ancient Citadel of Erbil and its age is estimated to around 7000 BC. Its existence can be traced back to about 7000 years. If you are interested in exploring Ebril, book your flight online for less on

About Erbil Airport

The Erbil international airport is the main airport of Erbil. . It is one of the two international airports in the country and it is fully governed by the Iraqi government. It has a committee made up of the prime minister of Kurdistan region and the Nechervan Idris Barzani. In the year 2010, the opening of the airport took place. It has a runway of around 4800 meters, which undoubtedly is one of the longest runways in the world. The construction began at the beginning of the 1970s by the Iraqi military forces and the intention of the government was to make it as a military airport. However, after the Iraqi war back in 2003, the Kurdstan government took over the place and in 2005, the airport was given its ICAO airport code. It is fully equipped for ILS CAT II operations at any given moment. It allows passenger airlines such as Air Arabia, FlyErbil, Egyptair, Flydubai and many more to be operated. However, the number of cargo planes are to a few airlines such as Coyne Airways, Fits Air, Royal Jordanian Cargo and Turkish Cargo who are allowed to drop cargo at this airport.


About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a beautiful hilly capital of Scotland, United Kingdom. It is considered as one of the world’s most beautiful cities1. Edinburgh is Scotland’s second most populous city and the seventh most populous in United Kingdom2. It is famous for its culture and festivals all over the world. It is also renowned for the Edinburgh international festival. We provide detailed information regarding flights to and from Edinburgh. If you are interested in booking flights on cheap rates online, Ejazah is the right place to do so.

About Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh airport is one of Scotland’s busiest airports and the UK’s 6th busiest airport in the current time3. It serves more than 33 airlines with more than 188 routes worldwide4. It is located at the Kingston area of Edinburgh, UK. There are some bus services available which provide public transportation between the airport and Edinburgh. There are ample ways to reach the airport by bus, by road, and by tram according to the place. Various airlines connect Europe, Germany, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada, and the Middle East to Edinburgh. British Airways, Thomson, KLM, Eurowings, Iberia Express, Brussels Airlines, Transavia, air Canada, Wow Air are some of the few airlines that are available from Edinburgh airport. Flight booking was never so easy before. You can now book affordable online flights at Ejazah in just a few clicks.



About Entebbe

Located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Victoria, Entebbe is a town in Central Uganda, Africa. The lush green landscapes and golden shores make it a sight to behold. The town is in good proximity to Kampala, the capital and largest city of Africa. Entebbe has been a small town since the historical era, it has always played a key role in many aspects. It was an administrative capital of Uganda before the role was shifted to Kampala after independence. Entebbe has a tropical rainforest climate throughout the year. Hence, it is favorable for tourists all-round the year.e It houses the oldest golf course in East Africa called Entebbe Gold Club, which was established in 1900. The town is surrounded by several wildlife sanctuaries and zoos to entertain tourists with different species of animals. In particular, Entebbe is famous for its beaches, and tourists from across the globe throng the beaches and enjoy visiting the wildlife sanctuary and botanical gardens.. If you are the one who wishes to enjoy pristine beaches, clean air, lush green lakeshores, cool temperature, and serenity during your holiday, Entebbe is the place to be! Book cheap tickets to Entebbe, enjoy a marvelous holiday and return with priceless memories.

About Entebbe Airport

The Entebbe International Airport is the principal international airport of Uganda. It is the only international airport in Uganda, barely 40 kilometers away from Kampala, the capital and the largest city of Uganda. Going by history, the airport was opened by the British Colonial authorities. The airport is well-known for many events, making it famous in Europe and abroad.In April 2016, the work of expanding the arrival and departure lounges was started, which was completed by the end of 2017. The airport is well-connected to various destinations in the world over and many airlines operate from here. Ethiopian Airlines, FlyDubai, Kenya Airways, Rwanda Air, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways are some of the airlines that provide their services here. The airport offers many facilities traveling to and from Entebbe like the VIP lounge offered by the government, other private lounges to relax, changing facilities for babies, facilities for passengers with special needs, restaurants, etc. Book affordable tickets to and from Entebbe online from for a hassle-free holiday.




About Dawadmi City

Dawadmi also is known as Ad -Dawadmi, is a town province in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is located in the central of Saudi Arabia and atop the Najid hills. It is located 200 kilometers away from Riyadh province. As per the recent research and survey, it was found that the Dawadmi province of Riyadh has revealed new archaeological findings. The excavation has revealed a mosque that consists of settlements built after the first Islamic era that concludes that the city had some commercial or economic movements. Riyadh, is the capital of Saudi Arabia and has gone through a significant transformation from being a small tribunal city to one busiest city. Many leisure and entertainment ventures reside in the heart of this city and attract tourists.Riyadh being next to Dawdmi has, a lot to offer its visitors.Book flight tickets online to explore the birthplace of Saudi Arabia right here on

About Dawadmi: Dawadmi Domestic Airport

The Dawadmi domestic airport is also known as the King Salman domestic airport that was inaugurated in 2003, is located 20 kilometers from the central city of Dawadmi, Saudi Arabia. The domestic airport has one terminal, and various transport facilities to make airport transfers really easy. Passengers can reach the airport by taxi or bus. There are basic facilities provided by the airport authorities that include airline counters, gift and dining services, VIP lounges, telecommunication services, luggage packaging services, and banking services. These services are beneficial to passengers that make travel fun and easy. Book cheap flight tickets online to experience the best of Dawadmi.




About Dubai

Dubai the most populous in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is proof of opulence and man-made grandeur! A perfect amalgamation of history, culture and modern architecture, Dubai offers the best of shopping and entertainment experience to its tourists. No wonder thousands and thousands of tourists flock the city round the year from different parts of the world to enjoy their holidays. The city is quite an architectural charm, and monuments such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeriah are a visual delight when visiting this city. Spend an evening by the Dubai Creek or take a stroll in the Dubai Miracle Garden to get the hang of the city and rejuvenate your senses. Dubai is also known as the ‘Shopping Capital’ of the Middle East and it houses various malls and souks to offer an unforgettable shopping experience. An annual event – The Dubai Shopping Festival is popular in the world over for offering hefty discounts on the most valuable things like gold and cars. Dubai’s economy is largely dominated by tourism, aviation, financial services, real estate, and trade. Known as the ‘Global City’, Dubai plays an important role on the world map for more reasons than one. Plan a holiday in advance and book cheap flights to Dubai online via

About Dubai Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport

Al Maktoum International Airport of Dubai is also known as the Dubai World Central airport. It is an international airport situated in Jebel Ali, the southwest of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The airport, which started its operations in 2010, got its name after the former Ruler of Dubai the late Sheikh Makhtoum bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. The airport is an important hub for cargo and transit for passengers travelling to different countries. Also, it is expected to be linked to the Dubai International Airport through the railways. You can book an affordable flight to Dubai through various airlines such as Fly Dubai, GetJet Airlines, Aeroflot, Pegas Fly, Royal Flight, TUI Airways, Wizz Air, etc. by logging on to




About Najran

Najran is a beautiful region in Saudi Arabia and known for its breathtaking views with three different geographic landscapes: the oasis, mountains, and a deserts. It is an upcoming city and one of the fastest-growing in the Kingdom. Located in the middle of the kingdom, it has green Sarawat Mountains on one side and Rub’ Al-Khali, the world’s most arid desert, on the other. Thankfully, due to the Sarawat Mountains, the region experiences rainfall good enough to flood the rivers. The path of the Wadi Najran creates the natural link between the green and arid worlds of Najran Province. Also, Najran city is known for its archeological significance. Old Najran hads several unique buildings, and excavations of this site have uncovered glass, metals, pottery, and bronze artifacts. Apart from offering tolerable climatic conditions and spectacular views, it has few of the most significant markets in the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, Najran offers a unique shopping experience to the visitors. Even if you do not wish to buy, you can go around the city looking for specialized markets such as the grain and cereal market, livestock market, handicrafts market, and traditional markets for women. Take back the locally grown dates and Arabian coffee and some other products like ceramics, embroidered handicrafts as souvenirs from the Arabian land. Plan your holiday in advance and book cheap flights to and from Najran.

About Najran Airport

The Najran Regional Airport or the Najran Domestic Airport is situated in Najran in Saudi Arabia. It was inaugurated in September 2011, by Mishaal bin Abdullah, the governor of Saudi Arabia. Although it is a small airport with limited airlines, it offers good connectivity to cities such as Dubai, Sharjah, Riyadh, and Abha through airlines like Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, and Saudia. It has one terminal and a passenger handling capacity of 14,00,000. Book online flights to and from Najran in advance at to avoid last-minute rush and airfares.




About Dushanbe

As the capital city of Tajikistan, Dushanbe is a hub of cultural, economic, industrial and political activities. Dushanbe was declared in 2009 by the United Nations as the “City of Peace”. It a situated in the Gissar Valley, 800m above sea level, and is surrounded by mountains and hills. The city has a distinct touch of the Oriental hospitality, warmth, and friendliness. The Dushanbinka (Varzob) River flows through some very enticing territory just outside Dushanbe, and is a popular place for tourists to go swimming in the summer. The Varsob Canyon has many recreation centers. If you are planning a visit to Dushanbe, be sure to check out where you can book cheap online flight tickets.

About Dushanbe Airport

Reconstructed many times, the Dushanbe International Airport was first built in 1924, and is a hub for Somon Air. In 2014 and new terminal built by France was opened and it can accommodate 1.5 million passengers on a yearly basis. Apart from Somon Air, some of the other airlines which operate from the airport are Air Asthana, flydubai, Kam Air, S7 Airlines, SCAT Airlines, Tajik Air, Turkish Airlines and Ural Airlines. Buy affordable flight tickets online to and from Dushanbe on





About Davao City, Philippines

The Davao City is ranked as the largest city on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. The Foreign Direct Investment Magazine ranked it 10th in the list of “Asian City of the Future”.It’s the industrial, tourism, investment and business hub of southern Philippines. The city includes amazing tourism sites like mountain resorts and beaches. It’s at a distance of 40 kms from Mount Apo. Davaoenos is the colloquial name of the residents of the Davao Region, who most commonly use Cebuano as the official language here. The city’s climate is described as tropical. The city serves as the main trade, commerce and industrial hub of Mindanao as well. It’s also called the “Durian Capital of the Philippines” probably because the Durian trees can be seen throughout the city. Other nicknames fondly chosen for the city are King City of the South, Crown Jewel of Mindanao and Fruit Basket of the Philippines. You can now book affordable flights to and from Davao City with ease, through

About Francisco Bangoy International Airport

The Francisco Bangoy International Airport, usually known as the Davao International Airport serves air transportation for the city. It’s the busiest airport in the Mindanao island. A new terminal inaugurated in 2003, handles both domestic & international flights. The modernization of the airport aids in handling approx. 2 million passengers and 84600 metric tons of cargo annually. The airport has a 3000m precision runway. The airport began operations in the 1940s when Don Francisco Bangoy donated land in the Barangay Sea. The Philippine Airlines announced Davao International Airport as its third hub in 2018. Due to a rapid growth at the airport, new terminals were built consolidating the previous two terminals. It had been in planning since 1992, construction began in 2000 and then inaugurated in 2003 with double the capacity of the old airport terminal. The biggest aircraft to land in the Davao International Airport is the Antov An- 124 Ruslan. You can now book affordable flights to and from Francisco BangoyInternational Airport with We also offer amazing rates on hotel bookings in the region as well.




About Durban

Port Natal fondly known as Durban, is one of the largest cities in the province of Kwazulu-Natal, located at the bay of the Indian Ocean. Durban is the topmost secret city of South Africa and is influenced by the Indian and Colonial culture and architecture which makes the city unique. The city is surrounded by splendid hills in the south and rivers in the north. It’s business hub resides on the flat land while the residential district encircles the harbor and the bridge. The city is the home to many botanic gardens, rose gardens and parks. Apart from parks, there are a lot of museums and Indian markets. The city is the all-time enthusiastic host for sports events that are held in Moses Mabhida Stadium. For surfers and fishermen, Durban is a gold mile due to its rich water bodies’ surroundings. Booking flights online from and to Durban is very simple and easy.

About Durban: King Shaka International Airport

Louis Botha, the former Durban international airport was replaced by King Shaka international airport. The international airport is closest to La mercy the coastal town, Kwazulu – Natal. It is approximately 35 kilometers away from the main city center. From both the N2 Coast road and the R102 airport can be easily reached. The Durban international airport is an integrated airport having both passenger and freight airport operational. The passenger terminal has about 18 passenger aircraft stands which are functional for both domestic and international travel. Whether having a layover flight or just a pass buy Durban international doesn’t disappoint any of its travelers as it provides interesting facilities like a lounge to chill in, prayer room to feel at peace, currency exchange to save time, duty-free shopping, free internet services, 24hours food availability and a lot more From Eithad Airways, Air India, Emirates to Turkish airlines book any flight online at the cheapest rates.





About Chania

Chania, a capital of Chania regional unit, is the 2nd largest city in the administrative region of Crete, Greece. The city is located on the northwest coast of the Greek island of Crete on the site of old Kydonia. Tourism in the city is one of the main sources of income. Nowadays, due to several constructions, a new port and many new resorts along the Mediterranean Sea, the region has attracted many tourists to the city. Chania has highly decorated historical museums including Archaeological Museum of Chania, cultural venues, mesmerizing monuments, beautiful beaches, waterfront restaurants, and a 14th-century Venetian harbor, which are some of the major tourist attractions in the city. To enjoy an adventurous trip to the region just book an affordable flight to and from Chania online here at the Ejazah website. The city also has immense cultural influences from the Egyptian and Ottoman Era, which attracts many tourists from Egypt and the Middle East in general. The city also has an international airport to serve plenty of passengers throughout the year.

About Chania Airport

Chania International Airport “Daskalogiannis”, the international airport in the city that is sited near Souda Bay on the Akrotiri peninsula. The airport was built in 1954 at Maleme and served only domestic flights. In 1959, it was shifted to its current location. The airport is named after Daskalogiannis, a wealthy shipbuilder who led the Cretan revolt against Ottoman rule in the 18th century. Handling around 3 million passengers throughout the year, Chania International Airport is the 6th busiest airport in Greece[ii]. The airport is located 14 kms away from the main city where you can easily reach by car, taxi, public buses in around 10 to 15 minutes. You can easily find a cheap flight to Chania online here.

IATA code: CHQ



About Cedar Rapids city

Cedar Rapids is the 2nd largest city by population after Des Moines in the Midwestern state of U.S., Iowa[i]. The city is located in eastern Iowa around 44 km north of Iowa City on the banks of Cedar River, a 544 km long river crossing the states of Minnesota and Iowa. The city was incorporated by the Iowa State Legislature in 1849 as Cedar Rapids, which was named for the rapids in Cedar River. The city is also known as “City of Five Seasons”, a symbolic representation that appear throughout the city in many ways. The Tree of Five Seasons sculpture on the north riverbank is the symbol of the five seasons. The city is home to several arts and cultural museums including the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, the African American Museum of Iowa, Orchestra Iowa, and Theatre Cedar Rapids. Some of these are popular tourist attractions in the city. If you are wishing to have a memorable trip to the city, just book affordable flights to and from Cedar Rapids online here on the Ejazah website.

About Cedar Rapids Airport

The Eastern Iowa Airport is a domestic airport in Cedar Rapids. The airport is located on the Wright Brothers Boulevard, 5 miles southwest of the city. The first airport in the Cedar Rapids was Hunter Field Airport which was a private airport established in 1920 by Dan Hunter. In 2018, the airport management was able to handle nearly 1.2 million passengers throughout the year. You can easily find taxis, public buses, and rental cars to reach the airport from the town. You can now book cheap flights to the Eastern Iowa Airport online here and now with



About Hafr Al Batin

Located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Hafar Al-Batin, which is otherwise known as Hafr Al-Batin.  The city surrounds Riyadh from the northern side and is about a couple of kilometers away from the Iraq border.More precisely, it is located over the dry valley of the Wadi al-Batin, which leads towards Madinah. Hafar Al-Batin is a part of the longer valley of the river Wadi al-Rummah as well.The inhabitation is countable with more than 35 villages in the suburban area. The mid way cityis the route in Al-Batin valley, which passes through the desert that pilgrims take while traveling to Makkah for Hajj.  Hafar Al-Batin has several hotels for tourists to have a comfortable stay. The city is famous for a popular travel spot in the Middle East. It is for the same reason many tourists visit Saudi Arabia and enjoy doing a variety of things inHafar Al-Batin. Finding Cheap flights to Hafar Al-Batinis very simple with Plan your next holiday trip and discover great bargains on flight tickets with us.

Hafr Al Batin Airport

Otherwise known as Al Qaisumah, the airport servesthe place of Al Qaisumah, which is a town near the city of Hafar Al-Batin in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The airport is at a height of over 358 m above the mean sea level.It has a single runway with a designation marking of 16/34 over the asphalt surface.As of now, the airport has two operational airlines for passenger services.Along with international flights, Nesma Airlines manages a few of the scheduled domestic flights within Saudi Arabia.Besides, it offers facilities for both Business Class and Economy Class.The management has facilities for free hot and cold beverages, and some small snacks, during the flight, to make the journeys comfortable.The second airline is Saudi Arabian Airlines. Being the third-largest airline in the Middle East, it schedules domestic and international flights to over 85 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Now getting low fare air flight tickets to Hafar Al-Batin is a breeze with We give you the best deals for flights to Hafar Al-Batin from various destinations.

IATA code: AQI



About Asyut

Asyut, capital of the Asyut Governate, is located on the western bank of the rive Nile in the central part of Egypt. This city, located on the south of the capital of Egypt, Cairo, has been revamped into modern Asyut through the establishment of the Assiut University and the flourishing of textile industry. The city adopts its name from the early Egyptian word Zawty, which later was adopted into Coptic Egyptian Language as Syowt, meaning the “Guardian”. The rich ancient history of Asyut can be explored at the best prices with the help ofonline flight booking at

About the Airport of Asyut

The AssuitAiport, renders air shuttle service to the city and the governate of Asyut. It is situated on the west on the main city at a distance of around 27.5 miles. The airport, run by the Government, acts as a doorway to Egypt and the Middle East with rendering Airlines like EgyptAir, Air Arabia, Air Cairo, Flynas, et al. Incepted in the year 1971,the Assuit Airport now, unlike its original operational hours after establishment, operates 24 hours. Modern facilities like baggage handling services, Wi-Fi, and hygienic restaurants are made available to the customers. can help you book cheap flights to and from Asyut in just a few easy steps.




About Bahir Dar

Bahir is a city in northwestern Ethiopia and is the current capital of the Amhara Region State. Bahir Dar is also known as the Special Administrative Region. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Ethiopia, with famous sights on the Tana Lake and the Nile River. Bahir has wide boulevards lined with palm trees and colorful flowers. In 2002, the city was awarded the UNESCO City for Peace Prize for addressing the challenges of rapid urbanization. Presently, there are wide range of cheap flights to and from Bahir Dar, if you wish to visit the place.

About Bahir Dar Airport

The official airport of Bahir Dar is known as the Bahir Dar Airport,also known as the Ginbot Haya Airport. The airport is 8 km west of downtown Bahir Dar, near Lake Tana. The airport also has routes used for Ethiopian air force. The Bahir Dar Airport sits at an elevation of 5,976 feet (1,821 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 04/22, with an asphalt concrete surface measuring 3,000 by 61 metres (9,843 ft × 200 ft). The airport has 1 airline called Ethiopian Airlines with 2 destinations Addis Ababa and Lalibela. You can book affordable flights online using to Bahir Dar and all its neighbors, with ease.

IATA code: BJR



About Atlanta

An ever-evolving and expanding city, Atlanta is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Green areas covered with a leafy area, flower plantations and attentive care for the environment have helped it have a sustainable ecosystem and help the city retain its charm. Atlanta also happens to be the capital of the State of Georgia.You can now book cheap flights online to and from Atlanta hassle-free in just a few clicks, on

About Atlanta Airport

The official airport of Atlanta is the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and is the primary international airport serving Atlanta. It is located at the focus of Southwest Airlines and is the main hub of Delta Air Lines as well as Delta Connection Express Jet’s partner. The airport is also an international gateway for the United States, so there is always a large number of international visitors. At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport, there are 5 runways, with the longest spanning up to 3.7 kilometers. The terminal system is fully equipped with advanced and modern technical equipment, including the latest updated equipment. Affordable online flights to and from Atlanta await on

IATA code: ATL



About Athens

Athens is often known as the city of legends and history. It is the capital and largest city of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world with the least recorded history is 3000 years. Athens is not modern or magnificent like Paris. Neither is it as majestic and ancient as Rome. However, it has a grace of its own. With cafes, restaurants, clothing shops and fast food, Athens is noisy, crowded and alive. The sky in Athens is cloudless and along the road from the airport to the city are rows of green olive trees, making tourists eager to explore the land that we previously imagined by myths and fantasies about a glorious ancient civilization, about Achilles, Odyseus, and Zeus. Currently, on, you can find numerous flights online to and from Athens at affordable rates.

About Athens International Airport

The Athens International Airport, officially called “Eleftherios Venizelos”, is the official airport of Athens. It could be argued that Athens is the busiest airport in Greece and is the hub and main base of Aegean Airlines and, as well as other Greek airlines. It also happens to be the 30th busiest airport in Europe with more than 18 million passengers (statistics from 2015). The airport currently has two main terminals: Main Terminal and Satellite Terminal. The airport currently accepts flights to and from dozens of domestic and international airlines. These include Aegean Airlines such asAer Lingus, Air France, Delta Air Lines and Ryanair. A variety of cheap flights to and from Athens are available throughout the year on

IATA code: ATH



About Aswan

Aswan is a predominantly tourist and market city in Egypt, located on the east bank of the river Nile and happens to be the capital of the Aswan Governorate. Aswan is well known for a variety of art and craft traditions, ancient locations of historical and archaeological interest and is listed in UNESCO as one of one of the cities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Aswan has several ancient monuments and museums containing a wide range of Egyptian artifacts of historical and continued cultural importance.Geographically too, Aswan is very diverse. The city is composed around a range of fantastic islands and the city surrounds the Nasser lake.Around the Nasser lake too, there are a variety of sights and attractions that one can explore around. More than 300,000 people reside in Aswan and the majority population in the city is of Nubian descent. The city has an international airport and you can find cheap flights to and from Aswan quite easily. Trains and buses are available to travel within the city but you can also use local taxis and autos.

About Aswan Airport 

The official airport of Aswan is also known as the Daraw Airport. It is an international airport operated and managed by the Egyptian government. The Daraw airport manages flights to 16 different cities in 7 different countries including some of the bigger and more famous cities such as Cairo, Abu Simbel, Sharm el-Sheikh, Jeddah and Medina[i].Egypt Air, Air Cairo, and Nile Air are some of the common airline services company which offer you cheap flights to and from Aswan.The airport was established in the year 1956 and was improved by the Egyptian government back in 1992 and 1999. You can now find affordable flights online to Aswan and choose from a variety of airline options, only on

IATA code: ASW




About Asmara City

Asmara, also known as Asmera, is the capital and the most populous city in Eritrea, a country in East Africa. The city is a monumental mixture of Italian and African culture. The city is situated on the long cliff besides Ethiopia at the edge of the Eritrean Highlands and the Great Rift Valley. Asmara holds considerable historical significance as the city was the main base for the Italian Invasion in the year 1935 and after that, the city suddenly started expanding as one of the leading cities in Italian East Africa. The city was also declared as a World Heritage Site chosen by UNESCO in 2017[i].At an elevation of 2,325 meters above sea level, Asmara is the sixth highest capital in the world by altitude. Asmara is home to the Eritrean National Museum and also known for the cultural architectural buildings including Enda Mariam Cathedral, Opera House, Fiat Tagliero Building, neo-Romanesque Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, neoclassical Governor’s Palace, and Art Deco Cinema Impero. You can now easily find cheap flights to Asmara online on

About Asmara International Airport

Asmara International Airport is the largest airport in Eritrea which was built in 1922 by the Italian colonial authorities[ii].Asmara Airport was mainly constructed for providing military services and was destroyed by the British during World War II. In the 1990s, after the independence of Eritrea, the airport became an international airport of Independent Eritrea. Asmara International Airport is also the only airport in the country that receives scheduled flights regularly and hence, you can find affordable flights to and from Asmara online with ease. Air Arabia, Eritrean Airlines, flydubai, EgyptAir are some of the airlines that offer flights to and from Asmara, Eritrea.




About Málaga

Málaga is the 6th largest city in Spain, with a population of 571,026 as of 20181. It is the capital of the Province of Málaga in Andalusia, located in Southern Spain. The city was founded in 8th century BC, and the archaeological remains from various Roman, Phoenician, Arabic and Christian eras make it a historical center. The famous sculptor and painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Málaga. The destination is well known for some of the most amazing beaches in the region, including the old fishing village of La Carihuela, the beautiful beaches of Mijas Costas, as well as Playa Catela. Malaga is sanctified with sunshine all over the year with mild winters and hot summers. The wind blowing from the MediterraneanSea makes the summers manageable. The closest airport one can book a cheap flight to Málaga is the Málaga Costa del Sol Airport.

About Málaga Airport

Málaga Costa del Sol Airport is the official name of the Málaga Airport that started its operation since June 2011. The Málaga Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Spain, located 8 kilometres from Málaga2.The Málaga Airport has flight connections to over 60 countries, making it an important hub for tourists looking to explore Spain. The Málaga Airport is operated by AENA (Aeropuerto de Málaga-Costa del Sol). The airport has three terminals along with a cargo terminal and general aviation terminal, along with two runways and handles 85% of the non-domestic traffic of the region.  Terminal 1 is currently closed, and flights to non-Schengen destinations are operated from Terminal 3. Terminal 2 is a combination of pre-existing passenger terminals. You can now affordable flights to Malaga through for a tension-free holiday.

IATA code: AGP



About Bamako

Deriving its name from the Bamaro word meaning “crocodile tail”, Bamako is the administrative center and the largest city of Mali in Africa. Today, it is considered to be the fastest-growing city in Africa[1]. Located along the Niger river, the region was the location of the powerful Mali Empire during the middle ages and was the capital of French Sudan when Mali was colonized by French up until 1960. The 7th largest urban center in Africa, Bamako has historically been a major center of commerce and cultural confluence. Bamako is famous for its musical traditions and performing street artists are a common sight in the city. A big reason for the rich musical culture in Bamako is owing to the wide variety of ethnic groups living in the region. To get to Bamako, a variety of cheap domestic and international flights to and from the Modibo Keita International Airport are available on

About Modibo Keita International Airport

The official airport of Bamako is known as the Modibo Keita International Airport and is the only international airport of the country of Mali. Its operations are managed by the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, and it handles nearly 100,000 passengers annually. The Modibo Keita International Airport, known formerly as the Bamako-Senou Airport was opened in 1974 and was upgraded and expanded between 2004 and 2012 as part of a US$181 million project funded by the Millenium Challenge Corporation based in the United States. You can now book affordable flights online with, in a simple, convenient and efficient manner.






About Baghdad

Founded in the 8th century and the former capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, Baghdad is an important intellectual and commercial center in the Middle East. In addition to being the home of academic institutions such as the “House of Wisdom”, Baghdad was also famous for fostering a multi-religious and multicultural environment. Baghdad is situated along the Tigris river and is the capital of modern-day Iraq. It also happens to be the largest city in West Asia and is also known as the “City of Peace”[1]. Baghdad has historically been characterized as a major center of learning and education. Many of the important landmarks in the city such as the Mutanabbi street reflect this. Baghdad also features a variety of monuments and similar attractions that one cannot miss. A variety of online cheap domestic and international flights are available to and from the Baghdad International Airport if you are planning a trip.

About Baghdad International Airport

The Baghdad International Airport is Iraq’s largest international airport and is also the base for Iraqi Airways, the national airline of Iraq. The Baghdad International Airport, known originally as the Saddam International Airport after the then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, was opened in 1982. While the airport was non-functional for passenger aircraft from 1991 to 2003, operations resumed in 2004 and the Baghdad International Airport handles close to 8 million passengers annually. Currently, expansion plans are underway in the Baghdad International Airport to add two new terminals and to increase the annual passenger handling capacity to more than 15 million. You can now book affordable flights to and from Baghdad a have you pick from amongst various airlines on




About Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat, India. The geographic location lies on the west bank of the Sabarmati River, which is about 545 km north of Mumbai, and 901 km southwest of Delhi, in India. Out of the numerous attractions here is Capital Complex, a famous hotspot for tourists in Gandhinagar. The grandeur of the building talks big of modernity, the elegance of the artistic brilliance of the architectural structure is clubbed well with technical expertise. The region around Gandhinagar flourishes in the production of commercial crops, especially cotton. The tranquility of the scenic beauty and the exquisiteness of the intricate carvings make it a suitable destination for spending the holidays. Book economical online flight tickets to this beautiful place with for impeccable booking experience, without any problems.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport

Located at Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is operated by the Airport Authority of India (AAI). The airport serves the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Besides, the airport acts as a cargo hub as well. It connects the Blue Dart Aviation, Emirate Sky Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo for cargo transports.  Further, several other Indian carriers such as Indian Airlines and Jet Airways also use Sardar International. Currently, the airport has three terminals. The first terminal handles domestic operations, while the second and third terminal is for international passengers.

Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal. It hosts eateries, retail outlets, bookshops, and a VIP Lounge. The second terminal, capable of accommodating more than 500 passengers at a time, consists of departure and arrival areas. The departure hall features six immigration counters, a restaurant, a duty-free shop, a gift shop, and two custom counters. The third terminal, which is the international terminal, features both arrival and departure areas with four aerobridges and 32 check-in counters. The terminal also provides 900 car parking spaces.

The airport has a single runway, designated 5/23. Having got a brief about the airport, booking a flight to Gandhinagar with is a breeze, the travel portal for seamless ticket booking and travel planning.


About Al-Bahah

Al-Bahah is a city in the western part of Saudi Arabia and also happens to be the capital of the Al-Bahah region. Gifted with a generally pleasant climate and surrounded by more than 40 forests, Al-Bahah is one of the most widely visited tourist places in the Saudi Arabian kingdom. To get to Al-Bahah, you can book cheap flights through online portals to and from Al-Bahah from nearly any place in the world. Located close to the holy cities of the Makkah and Madina, Al-Bahah is centrally located both in terms of tourist attractions and for religious pilgrims.

About Al-Aqiq Airport

Set up in 1983, the Al-Baha Domestic Airport is also known as the Al-Aqiq airport and was constructed at a height of above 1672 metres above sea level with a single runway spanning 10,991 Ft. * 148 Ft. The Al-Aqiq airport is serviced by Flynas and Saudia airlines that frequently fly to and from Abha, Damman, Jeddah and Riyadh. Various cheap flights to and from Al Bahah are available to and from the Al-Aqiq airport that can be booked through online portals.




About Accra

Accra, which is also known as the City of Accra, is the capital of Ghana. It is the largest city in Ghana, consisting of the Accra Metropolitan District and 11 other municipal districts[1]. A unique aspect about the city is that its western border forms due to the intersection of Mallam junction and Lafa stream, while the Nautical College forms the Eastern edge. The University of Ghana and Gulf of Guinea form the northern and southern borders of the city. The major tourist attractions in Accra are the salt ponds of Tettegu and Aplaku, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the Independence Square, the National Museum & National Theatre with their Chinese architecture, the Black Star Square, and the Ohene Djan Stadium. There are numerous Five-star and Four-star hotels in Accra. There are many popular beaches such as Bojo Beach, Labadi Beach and Kokrobite Beach. To reach Accra, one can book cheap flights from any part of the world through flight booking portals like

About Kotoka International Airport

The Kotoka International Airport is the sole international airport in Ghana, which is situated in its capital city, Accra. The airport is operated by Ghana Airports Company Limited and serves as the regional and domestic hub for Africa World Airlines. The airport has a total number of 3 Terminals along with a VVIP terminal and a military terminal that is used for diplomatic flights and military flights, respectively. Currently, Terminal 1 is not operating due to the redevelopment of the terminal into an FBO. Terminal 3 serves international and long-distance flights and Terminal 2 operates domestic flights. Being the hub for traveling to most of the other neighbouring regions, you can book flights to and from Accra to explore various locations. You can book cheap flights from through air travel service providers like Africa World Airlines. The airport was earlier known as Accra International Airport, which was renamed to Kotoka International Airport in 1969 in honour of Lieutenant General Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka.

IATA code: ACC



About Abu Dhabi

Being the second-most populous city in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the largest and the capital city, among the seven emirates of the UAE country[1]. Abu Dhabi is the main centre of the government of the UAE and the central oil council. It is also the home of the royal Emirati family and the president of the UAE. Owing to immense reserves of oil and a high-income population relative to other cities of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a major centre of politics and industry and is also recognized as a cultural and commercial centre, that is reflected by the fact that it accounts for nearly two-thirds of UAE’s total economy. Being one of the most important cities in the UAE, there are a lot of cheap flights to and from Abu Dhabi.

About Abu Dhabi Airport

The official name of the airport at Abu Dhabi is the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Serving more than 20 million passengers in 2014 alone, the Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second-largest airport in the UAE and is divided into three terminals i.e. Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3[3]. The Abu Dhabi Airport is spread across an area of more than 8500 acres and mainly services Etihad Airways which is the 2nd largest carrier in the UAE. Founded in 1982, the Abu Dhabi International Airport has two parallel runways, each spanning 4100/60 metres and has three terminals that service both domestic and international flights. The airport is connected to the surrounding city by a highway network and the E20 road passes directly under the airport. The airport is also serviced by buses, of which the A1 line directly leads into the city centre. For affordable flights online, you may visit to find yourself enjoying the wonders of the region.




About Bergen

Located on the West Coast of Norway, Bergen falls in the Hordaland County of Norway. The city was established in the year 1070 by Olav Kyrre, then King of the Norway, who named the city Bjørgvin, translating to the ‘the city of green meadows among the mountains’ as the city is located amidst seven mountains. This second most populated city of Norway[1] has developed on the brink of a flourishing shipping industry and is also the site of extensive aquaculture. The scenic and architectural beauty of the city compels a traveler to stay a little more each time they visit. can help you book cheap flight tickets to and from Bergen with the best in class stay and travel facilities.

About Bergen Airport

The Bergen Airport, Flesland, renders air travel services to the city of Bergen and Hordaland County as well. Primarily operational for military purposes, this airport was deregulated and reorganized to serve the public in 1988. Despite having limited space and small runways, it is the second busiest airport of the Norway[2]. It is equipped with modern-day technology and architecture to accommodate the massive number of passengers. The major airlines that connect it to the international and domestic routes are Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa, Wideroe, Danish Air Transport, et al. Booking flight tickets online to and from Bergen is now facilitated through the website.

IATA code: BGO



About Bacolod – Silay

Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental province in the Philippines. Bacolod City, Silay City and Talisay together form the Bacolod Metropolitan Area for which the Bacolod is the metropolitan capital. The Bacolod Metropolitan Area is located on the North-Western coast of Negros Island – which is the fourth largest island of Philippines. Bacolod is also known as the ‘City of Smiles’ because of the MassKara Festival that is held every October. Silay is known as the ‘Paris of Negros Islands’. Talisay is a city that falls between the Bacolod and Silay cities. Bacolod is a highly urbanized city and the Bacolod Metropolitan Areas are the fastest growing areas in the country; thanks to the amazing Sea, Road and Air connectivity. The climate of Bacolod is pleasant and the temperature remains constant in this area throughout the year. The monsoon season starts from May and it extends till October.

About Bacolod – Silay Airport

The Bacolod – Silay Airport is one of the main airports on the Negros island. The airport is a Principal Class 1 airport located 5.5km North-West from the Silay city. The airport is known by its call-sign ‘BCD’ among the airlines. The airport has the capacity to cater to 1.2 million passengers per year but the actual number of passengers goes beyond that. The airport offers mainly domestic and international passengers as well as cargo services. It has many good infrastructure facilities such as Passenger Terminal Building, Cargo Terminal Building, Passenger Boarding Bridges, Taxiways and other regular airport facilities. The CAAP supervises the improvement, repair and maintenance of airport facilities. The main airlines that operate from the Bacolod – Silay Airport are Cebu Pacific (also operated by Cebago), Philippine Airlines (also operated by PAL Express), Philippine AirAsia, Zest Airways and South East Asian Airlines.

IATA code: BCD



About Amritsar

Amritsar, situated in Northwestern part of India, is a metropolitan region in Punjab. The city, in the northern region of the state of Punjab, is close to the Wagah border, bordering Pakistan. The historical significance of this city is derived its association with the freedom movement of India. The flux of modernity and traditionality preserved by the locals of Amritsar gives the city a cherishing atmosphere. Amritsar is known for is amazing food and culture. The people belong to this region are called Punjabi people and they are ever-welcoming and friendly people. There are numerous historical as well as tourist attractions in the city. Traveling to Amritsar, which is also at a very less distance from the capital city, Delhi, via a flight, is now simpler and economical with the assistance of Turn to us to book a cheap flight to and from Amritsar.

About Amritsar’s Airport

Sri Guru Ram DassJee International Airport renders the service of air travel not only to the people of Amritsar but also to adjacent states of Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. Located northwest about only 7 miles from the city of Amritsar, the airport was named after the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das Ji, who was also the founder of the city of Amritsar. This fastest growing airport, in the fiscal year 2017-18[1], is a mix of traditional Indian architecture and high-tech building serving the most minimalist needs of the travelers. Plethora of services like foreign currency exchange centers, restaurants, 30 check-in counters, 26 immigration counters, number of custom clearance points, et al. can be availed at the Airport. With, you can now easily book affordable flight tickets online!

IATA code: ATQ




About Barcelona

Barcelona is a metropolitan city located on the North-East corner of Iberian Peninsula which comprises of countries Spain and Portugal. It is a city in Spain, located on the coast of the Balearic sea. And of course, Barcelona is known for the famous Football Club FC Barcelona for which Lionel Messi plays1. Because of the Balearic sea, Barcelona has a very pleasant weather. In fact, even at the peak of the summer season, the temperature of Barcelona remains under 30 degree Celsius. Also, pleasant rain showers are observed throughout the year. The two main languages spoken in Barcelona are Catalan and Spanish; also, the locals understand English and French to an extent2. You can now book cheap online flights to and from Barcelona through

 About Barcelona Airport

The official name of the Barcelona Airport is Barcelona Airport – El Prat. This is the main airport that is in the Catalonia Autonomous Region. The airlines identify Barcelona through its call-sign ‘BCN’. The airport is located in ‘El Prat de Llobregat’ area which is 14 km South-West from Barcelona city centre3. The Barcelona Airport handles more than 47 million passengers every year. Most of the global as well as affordable local airlines operate from Barcelona Airport on a daily basis. British Airways, Air Canada, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, LATAM Airlines, etc. are just a few of the examples. The Barcelona Airport is well-equipped to cater to a huge number of passengers. There are 2 terminals at the airport and it offers amazing services. You now have the chance to book affordable flights online and choose amongst a diverse variety of airline service providers through

 IATA code: BCN



About Adana

Adana is a city in the Anatolia region of South-Central Turkey, located near the North-Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a very strategic location cradled by the mountain passes and the fertile plains of Seyhan River. Adana is the main city of Cilicia, which is the most productive area in Turkey with regards to agricultural activities1. The city has a dry-hot summer subtropical climate which means from April to October, the temperature may reach the mark of 45 degree Celsius. It boasts of a very progressive economy, thanks to the early industrialization in the 19th century. It also contributes to 34% of the Peanut production and to 29% of the production of all the Oranges in Turkey. If you would like to book cheap flights online to this modern city with good connectivity and tourism sites2, just go through the various options that we provide on

About Adana Airport

 The official name of the Adana Airport is Adana Şakirpaşa Airport. It is located in the Şakirpaşa area which is around 6 km away from the Adana city3. This is one of the most important airports in the region offering robust domestic as well as international air connectivity. The Adana Şakirpaşa Airport – Adana is known by its IATA callsign ‘ADA’. The Adana Airport was built in the year 1937 and it is the oldest airport Turkey that is still operating. Many European and Middle-East airlines have regular flights to and from Adana Airport and tourists can easily book online flights to and from Adana. Also, Adana Airport is one of the well-established airports in Turkey with facilities such as Medical Assistance, Currency Exchange Facilities, ATMs, Car Rental, Tourism Information, and Domestic as well as International Passenger Terminals.

IATA code: ADA



About Vadodara

Vadodara, also known as Baroda, is a city named after “Vad” which means the Banyan tree in Gujarati, the local language in Gujarat. The city is built along the banks of the river, Vishwamitri, and is one of the largest cities in Gujarat, India. With a number of palaces including the Lakshmi Vilas Palace and other historical forts from the royal Maratha family and Gaekwads dynasty, the city is also known as the cultural capital of Gujarat. The highway, NH-8 connects the city to both of the most visited cities in India, named as Delhi and Mumbai. The city is also very well known for celebrating the most performed festival in the state, Navratri. The city has a domestic airport and international terminal where you can easily fly through cheap flights to Vadodara. Other than this, the city also has the largest university in the state, Maharaja Sayajirao University which was established back in 1881 and later renamed after the ruler of Baroda State and its patron Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III.

About Vadodara Airport

The airport is officially named as the Civil Airport Harni and it is the 3rd busiest domestic airport in the state handling more than 1.5 million passengers a year[i]. You can easily find flights online from and to Vadodara flying from and to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. In August 2016, the airport introduced a terminal with an area of 18,120 sq. meters that can easily handle 700 passengers per hour. The new International terminal building also has a single sheet rooftop of 164.2 which is longest sheet rooftop in the world[1]. They can handle the Airbus A320, Boeing 737-800 while Air India and IndiGo Airlines offer flight services to fly from the airport. You can use our online portal to book affordable flights online to Vadodara and other regions across the country.




About Sigtuna

At a distance of merely 50 kms from Stockholm, Sigtuna is a local municipality that houses more than one treasures for the willing tourist. A destination that is unique and stands out from the other more “touristy” attractions in the country of Sweden, Sigtuna was actually the first city to have ever been built, way back in the year 970 CE[1]. Even though it is a small city, with just a population of 9000 individuals, it is a rich nexus of history, culture and tradition. You can now book cheap flights online to Sigtuna with and explore the various museums, runestones, ancient churches and other marvels that call this ancient city their home.

About Stockholm Arlanda Airport

The main airport associated with Sigtuna is the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The airport was first opened in the year 1959, even though the year in which the gates were opened to the public was 1962. Stockholm Arlanda Airport boasts of four terminals and three runways, which see flights from different airlines, including Aegean Airlines, Air Serbia, Air Leap, Direktflyg, easyJet Switzerland, Eurowings Nordica and more. Speaking of flights, you can now book affordable online flight tickets through and visit this wonderful airport and the amazing city that surrounds it, yourself!

IATA code: ARN



About Sakakah

Sakakah is a city in northwestern Saudi Arabia, which is the capital of Al Jawf. Sakakah is an oasis town that used to be frequented on the travel routes across the Arabian Peninsula. Al-Jawf’s history dates back to more than four thousand years. The locality has many historical and prehistoric archaeological sites such as the Za’bal citadel as well as the Omar ibn Al-Khattab mosque, located near Dowmat Al-Jandal and Mard citadel (just south of Sakakah). There is also the ancient Rajajil rock in Sakaka, dating back to nearly 6,000 years. In recent times, the Saudi government has provided more financing to the Al-Jawf region, especially in Sakakah in hopes of developing this economically deprived region. As a result, the city has many new government buildings, schools and hospitals, built next to the crumbling ruins of older buildings. Book cheap flights to Sakakah with today!


Al Jouf Airport

Al Jouf Airport is an airport serving Sakakah (also known as Al-Jawf or Al-Jouf), a city in Al Jawf Province, Saudi Arabia. The airport resides at an elevation of 2,261 feet (689 m) above the sea level. It has one runway designated 10/28 with an asphalt surface measuring 3,661 by 45 meters. The airport has 6 airlines: Air Arabia, Flydubai, Flynas, Nesma Airlines, Nile Air and Saudia which cater to a variety of destinations, serving the needs of customers. Also, the airport has restaurants that sell food and drinks, along with duty free shops. What are you waiting for? Turn to today for online flight booking and choose the option that best suits your budget.


IATA code: AJF



About Kota Ambon

Kota Ambon is one of the islands in the Moluccas group. This island is located almost 7 miles off the southwestern coast of the isle of Ceram. The Ambon Island offers various opportunities for travelers seeking vivid adventures.  Besides exploring the pleasant city of Kota Ambon, there are many unexplored treasures ready for visitors to experience. Trekking is one of the best ways to explore the area. There are numerous tourist spots and one of the most famous of them is Mount Salhatu. You can find amazing natural hot-springs and hot-gas vents (solfataras) in Kota Ambon. Book cheap airfare tickets to Kota Ambon with for a happy and comfortable journey. With the best selection of cheap flight tickets, your booking experience is going to be hassle-free.

Pattimura International Airport

The Ambon Pattimura Airport is the regional airport in Ambon City, Maluku, Indonesia. One can find an immigration office, segregate facility, a cargo storage building, and various small restaurants. For flexible communication, the airport has public payphones and a post office. There is also free Wi-Fi internet facility available for the passengers.

Further, the airport has 14 arrival routes scheduled within Indonesia. There are about 15 domestic departures and 14 domestic arrivals. Some of the popular departure destinations are Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar. Besides, it has one runway that caters to the night landings as well. Apart from that, the airport handles most commercial jumbo jets. There are setups for single-engine aircraft, light twins, business jets and commuter aircraft. Almost, there are 12 airlines, out of which, some of the most active terminals include Airfast Indonesia, Aviastar, Citilink. Now booking flight tickets to Ambon city is just a click away with, the travel portal for convenient ticket booking and travel planning.




About Bujumbura

Burundi is dubbed as the ‘Heart of Africa’, as it is located in the central region of Africa. In addition, the city is also known as ‘the country of millions of smiles’ because of the friendliness of its people. Bujumbura, formerly known as Usumbura, is the largest city and former capital of Burundi, and also stands as the capital of the Bujumbura Mairie Province, placed in the northeast corner of Lake Tanganyika1. It is known to be the commercial and transportation center with a ferry connecting Kigoma, Tanzania. Bujumbura is located in the cotton growing area, with the main economic sectors including cotton processing, fish processing, coffee, and pharmaceuticals.

Bujumbura International Airport

The official name of the Bujumbura Airport is Aéroport international de Bujumbura. It is an airport located in Bujumbura; 11 km North-West to the city. The airport has a 3600 m long runway paved with asphalt. In 2004, the airport served 85,434 passengers. The airport has a variety of airlines and destinations to meet customer needs2. The airport has many airlines serving different destinations such as Air Burundi, Air Tanzania, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Interlink Airlines, Kenya Airways and Rwandair Express. Tourists can book cheap flights to and from Bujumbura and enjoy great trips.




About Belgrade

Belgrade, also known as Beograd, meaning ‘White City’ in Serbian, a local language in Serbia, is the largest city and capital of Serbia[1]. The city is located at the wonderful panorama at the confluence of two rivers named Danube and Sava. The city is also recognized to be situated at the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Peninsula. With an amazing nightlife all over the city along with a most dramatic view over the rivers, Belgrade is also known as the city that never sleeps in Serbia. The city also has a number of forts, historical landmarks, palaces, museums and parks which makes the city worth visiting. With an area of around 360 square km there are 1.7 million people that reside here, which is almost one-fourth of the total population of Serbia[2]. Other than all of these aspects, Belgrade is also the educational, political, cultural, historical, economical, and sports centre of the country. Being the largest city in the country, you can easily find plenty of cheap flights from and to Belgrade across the globe.

About Belgrade Airport

Belgrade Airport, known as the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is the International airport which is the largest, most functional and busiest airport in the country. The airport was established back in 1910 and is currently operated by the Government of Serbia and the French group of Vinci Airports. The airport is also a hub for the major airlines in Serbia including Air Serbia, Flag Carrier, Aviolet, and Wizz Air. The airport is so busy and huge that it managed to handle over 2.5 million passengers in the year of 2019. You can discover affordable online flights from or to Belgrade on

IATA code: BEG



About Birmingham

Birmingham City is one of the major cities and the second-largest city in England. The city is located in the center of West Midlands County at 202 kilometers from central London. The Birmingham City status was acquired on 14th January 1889. The area was originally a part of the northern reach of the Forest of Arden, which is now mostly occupied by the city. Even though the city is a center for engineering and manufacturing, the economy of the city is dominated by the service sector. At Birmingham, one can enjoy the forward-thinking architecture lined with traces of history, the majestic waterways as well as the culture and lifestyle of the city. You can book online flights from any major cities in the world using an online flight booking portal, making it easier for the tourists.

About Birmingham Airport

Birmingham airport is an international airport which was earlier known as Elmdon Airport and is located 13 kilometers from the Birmingham city. Birmingham city is one of the major tourist destinations in the country, and the airport provides domestic flights within the United Kingdom (UK). You can make online flight bookings to the Middle East, Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Indian subcontinent destinations from Birmingham airport. The Birmingham airport is a hub for Flybe and an operating base for airlines TUI Airways,, Ryanair, and formerly Thomas Cook Airlines.  The airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 2 is also known as Eurohub that mainly consists of European carriers.  There are a total of 48 departure gates with gates 40 to 68 located in Terminal 1 and 1 to 20 in Terminal 2.




About Billund

Located in the Jutland Peninsula, Billund more commonly known as the Billund Municipality is home to the LEGO group and the first ever Legoland park in the world, inaugurated in 1968. Billund is a small town known mainly for the variety of attractions it offers for children and family groups. Also known as the ‘Company Town’ on account of now international giants such as LEGO, Billund is an unassuming town that presents a host of possibilities for a variety of travellers. Presently, a range of cheap flights are available to and from Billund, all of which can be accessed through the online portal of 

About Billund Airport

The official airport of the Billund municipality is the Billund Airport. One of the busiest air cargo ports in Denmark, the Billund Airport was founded by Godtfred Kirk Christiansen in 1961. Originally built as a private airport, Christiansen collaborated with nearby municipalities to make it a regular public airport. In 2002, a new passenger terminal was constructed to serve almost 3.5 million passengers. In 2008, the entire runway at the Billund airport, spanning over 1660 metres in length was re-paved and renovated in a matter of only 14 hours. Handling more than 3 million passengers annually, the runway at the Billund airport is also capable of managing large air-crafts such as the Boeing 747. You can now book affordable flights online through, a efficient and simple way to plan and execute your travel dreams!  




About Banjarbaru

Banjarbaru is located at the bottom of the Meratus Mountains. The Banjarbaru city is 35 kilometers from the south-east of Banjarmasin and falls under the province of South Kalimantan in Indonesia. The city has a total population of 2.15 lakhs, with a population density of 670/km. The Banjarbaru city is famous for its availability of diamonds and gemstone natural resources. Most of the economic activities take place at the Landaan Ulin district area. Anyone can now book cheap flights online from any part of the world to Banjarbaru city via online flight booking websites like that make it easy for passengers to explore new cities like never before. 

About Syamsudin Noor International Airport

The Syamsudin Noor International Airport is located 25 kilometers from the city center of Banjarmasin. The Government of Indonesia owns the airport. Earlier the airport was known as Airports Ulin, when it was under the control and management of the Government of Occupied Japan during the Japanese invasion in the region. The airport has a domestic terminal for handling domestic traffic and international terminal for routes to various destinations around the globe. You can book cheap flights to the nearby regions from the Syamsudin Noor International Airport. Some of the significant airlines operated from the airport to the neighbouring areas are Batik Air, Citilink, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, NAM Air, Sriwijaya Air, Susi Air, TransNusa, Wings Air and Xpress Air. During the Hajj season, you can book flights to and from Syamsudin Noor International Airport to Jeddah with a short layover at Batam. The airport also acts as a regional hub during the Hajj season in which you can book flights to and from Banjarbaru to Madinah and Makkah. 




About Austin

Austin is the 11th most populous and fastest growing city in the United States. Also nicknamed as the ‘Silicon Hills’ in the 1990s, Austin is home to some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies in the world such as Amazon, Apple Inc., Cisco, Google, IBM, Paypal and eBay. Austin is also known as “The Live Music Capital of the World” owing to a number of live music event venues. It was also nicknamed as the “City of the Violet Crown” after the apparently glowing hills along the city during the evenings. Christened as the no.1 place to live in the United States in 2017 and 2018, Austin is also one of the most visited places in the United States and has a variety of cheap flights to and fro the city. 

About Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

The official airport of Austin is the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport named after Captain John August Earl Bergstrom, who was the first Austinite killed in World War 2. Built on the site of the former Bergstrom Air Force Base, the Austin-Bergstrom Airport is the busiest airport in Texas and manages nearly 510 departures and arrivals on an average weekday. Opened in 1999, the Austin-Bergstrom Airport has one of the longest runways in the United States, spanning 3730 metres in length. The airport has two terminals i.e. the main terminal and the south terminal, with the former capable of handling international flights and the latter mainly handling low-cost and ultra low-cost carriers, that create a wide network of cheap flights available to and from Austin.  

IATA code: AUS



About Auckland

Located in the Auckland Region in the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland is the most populated urban area in New Zealand. Auckland’s name in the Maori language is Tamaki Makaurau that translates roughly into “Tamaki with a hundred lovers” that refers to the highly fertile land and waterways that characterize this region. A diverse and multicultural land, Auckland also has the largest Polynesian population in the world and is historically and culturally significant region in the history of New Zealand. Auckland’s business district is New Zealand’s central economic hub and the University of Auckland is the biggest university in New Zealand. Being one of the most important hubs in New Zealand, there are a variety of cheap flights to and from Auckland across the world. 

About Auckland Airport

Established in 1988, the Auckland Airport handled more than 21 million passengers in 2019, making it the busiest airport in New Zealand. Located near Mangere, the Auckland Airport functions both as a domestic and international hub and happens to be one of the most valuable infrastructure assets of New Zealand as such. Handling close to 45 flights per hour, Auckland airport handled almost 71% of all international passenger arrivals and departures in 2000. The Auckland airport is serviced by a domestic and international terminal and is one of the few airports in New Zealand capable of handling the Boeing-747 and the Airbus A-380. From 1990 to 2005, the Auckland Airport also had its own radio station. You can visit this wonderful airport by booking affordable flights online to and from Auckland with at affordable prices.

IATA code: AKL



About Antalya

One of the largest cities on the Turkish coast along the Mediterranean shore, also known for being the most populous city in the country with over one million people calling this place home, Antalya is a gem of a place. Its majesty is not merely defined by the population and size, but also by the geographical arrangement that characterizes it – the Taurus mountains look over this city and are often the bastions by which individuals recognize the city. Owing to numerous civilizations having claimed the city for their own, there are a plethora of monuments that bear the mark of various empires, such as the Roman and the Ottoman empires. You can choose to book cheap flights to and from Antalya using for great travel offers and a hassle-free booking experience.

About Antalya Airport

The Antalya Airport lies at a distance of approximately 13 kms from the heart of the city. Owing to the large inflow of tourists in the region, the stunning beaches and sightseeing spots in Antalya and beyond, the airport sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis. There were more than 18 million footfalls in the year 2016 at Antalya airport. At the same time, it is well-equipped to handle such mass inflows of people on a daily basis, with three terminals, duty free shops, ATMs, lounges and more. You can now book affordable flights online to Antalya using and choose from a variety of airlines such as Condor, Air Bucharest, Air Astana, Air Algerie, AndlouJet, AtlasGlobal and more.

IATA code: AYT



About Alpha

Alpha is a quiet, rural town in the Barcaldine region located in Western Central Queensland. The locality is situated 400 km west of Rockhampton. The total population of the town, as per the 2016 census, was 335, with a population density of 1.470/ km covering an area of 203.4 km. Anyone who would like to explore a quiet rural city, to sit back and enjoy the umpteen fruits of the wilderness can book cheap flights to Alpha. A town known for its poetic names and murals; Alpha has been titled the ‘The Gateway to the West.’ The town is named after a property that was later turned into a service town for railway construction labours in 1863. Along with exploring the vastness of the state town, it is also famous for its first-hand sculptures by Cedar Creek sculptor Antone Bruinsma.

About Alpha Airport

The Alpha Airport is situated at a distance of 4.6 kilometres west of the town of Alpha in Queensland, Australia. The Alpha Airport is a public airport which is owned by the Barcaldine Regional Council. The airport was founded in 1994, which enabled the region to deal with the steady growth of air traffic. You can now book affordable flights online through to travel and explore various interesting destinations like Alpha.

IATA code: ABH



About Abuja

Abuja enjoys the position of being the capital city of Nigeria. Its geographical position is right in the center of the Federal Capital Territory of the country. Topographically speaking, Abuja sits on and around a 400-meter monolithic rock which is a remnant of water erosion from ancient times. It is an extremely well-planned city and is also known as one of the most populous cities in the country of Nigeria. With as your travel partner, you can book cheap and affordable flights to and from Abuja with just a few clicks.

About Abuja Airport

The official airport catering to the city of Abuja is the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. The name of the airport is derived from the name of the first President to grace the land of Nigeria, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. Two terminals and one runway define the airport, which has handled up to 2,746,359 passengers in a single year. The airport houses some advanced features and has seen technological expansion in recent years, including the installation of a lounge, a guest chalet, hangar, and a presidential wing. Off late, the second phase of expansion has started, which involves developing a new runway at the airport. You can now book cheap flights through for traveling to and from Abuja with ease.

IATA code: ABV



About Abidjan

Abidjan, located on the West Coast of Africa, is the sixth most populated city of Africa. With a population of more than 4.5 million, Abidjan is also known as the economic capital of the Ivory Coast owing to the modernization perpetrated by a high level of industrialization. Abidjan’s modern development is also linked to the fact that it was once the capital city of the French colony. This city as a locale for the rich burgeoned through the development of trade and commerce in the business-rich areas of Le Plateau. Flight bookings to and from Abidjan is now accessible, with affordable flight tickets available on the official website of Ejazah.

About the Airport of Abidjan

Port Bouët Airport, is the airport that serves the large population of Abidjan. This airport, which also goes by the name Félix-Houphouët-Boigny International Airport, is a commemoration to Ivory Coast’s first president, Mr. Félix-Houphouët-Boigny. Managed by a private company called Aeia, Port Bouët Airport has domestic and international terminals that are adjacent to each other, making transit between the two convenient and rapid. To handle the huge number of passengers, almost 2 million, every year, it is equipped with the state-of-the-art technological facilities inside the terminal for communicating with the passengers and assisting them with the baggage. A striking feature of the airport is the Radisson Hotel run accommodation service accompanied with a fitness club and an outdoor pool.

The location of the airport, that is soon going to be connected by the Abidjan Metro, is very convenient as it is located at a distance of only 30 minutes from the central part of the city. The local bus service, SOTRA, is also a cheap and easy way to reach the airport and go around the city from the airport. While making your travel arrangement to and from Abidjan, you can visit Ejazah for end-to-end help in ticketing.

IATA code: ABJ



About Alor Setar

Alor Setar, also termed as Alor Star, is a northwestern city proliferating on the bank of the Kedah River in West Malaysia. The city, neatly planned, is located on the west bank of the river and is the residence of the sultan of Kedah. Splendid architecture and paddy fields are some of the main sights that await tourists on their journey through  Alor Setar, the capital of Kedah.  Besides, some of the other must-visit attractions in Alor Setar include the nationally famous Zahir Mosque and Alor Setar Tower. Alor Setar has everything you need for a great holiday.

Now you can book online flight tickets at low fares to Alor Setar city. For best flight booking and cheap airfare offers, visit We guarantee a comfortable and hassle-free booking experience.

Sultan Abdul Halim Airport

The Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, also known as the Alor Setar Airport is the primary airport serving Alor Setar, a city in Kedah, Malaysia. Located in Kepala Batas, the airport is a distance of 15 km from the heart of Alor Setar. The airport has been up and running for decades now, and has been expanding and updating its facilities to accommodate growing passengers. At present, airport is directly connected only to Kuala Lampur for the take-off of the flights. Altogether, there are four airlines, out of which, three of the terminals take a route from Kuala-Lumpur to either Subhang or international destinations. Housing only one runway, it can accommodate large flights like Airbus 330. The one terminal has two sky bridges and can accommodate one Fokker 50 and two Airbus 330 aircraft on the apron. For arriving passengers, they get the option for car rental that is available from the airport at very reasonable rates. Apart from that, the car parking area is spacious, and it has 300 spaces close to the terminal.

Above all, booking online flight tickets at a reasonable price to Alor Setar is super easy with, the travel solution for convenient travel planning. 

IATA code: AOR



About Sylhet

Sylhet is one of the most beautiful districts in the North-East of Bangladesh. Sylhet is located in the Surma River Valley; a part of the Khasi & Jaintia Hills of India and it borders with India in the North as well as in the East1. Sylhet is a historic town. It features in various publications by the ancient Chinese traveler – Hiuen Tsang and Muslim traveler Al-Biruni. The area surrounding Sylhet is very fertile and rich in natural resources such as natural gas, oil, limestone, hard rock, and Balus. Sylhet has been witnessing a huge flow of tourists due to its mesmerizing natural beauty and tea gardens. Also, the improved air connectivity and easy process to book flights online to and from Sylhet has been a major contributor to Sylhet’s tourism potential.

About Sylhet Airport

The official name of the Sylhet Airport is Osmani International Airport which was declared as a tribute to General M A G Osmani, who was the Chief of Bangladesh Liberation Forces. The Osmani International Airport – Sylhet is known by its IATA call sign ‘ZYL’. The airport is located 15 km away from the Sylhet city, in North-East direction, was established in 1944-45 during the second world war. The terminal facilities for international flights have been recently upgraded. It includes new terminal building, two jetways and a new taxiway. There are permanent offices of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Fly Dubai, and Regent Airways at the Osmani International Airport3. Today, domestic and international passenger flights as well as cargo flights are operational and you can easily book cheap flights to and from Sylhet with so much ease.

IATA code: ZYL



Thiruvananthapuram City

Thiruvananthapuram is a city in the south of India and belongs to the state of Kerala. It is the largest city in Kerala and has a lot of heritage and cultural values to offer. As we all know that Kerala is a state with major literacy, Thiruvananthapuram also bags the awards for it. It is converting into a major Information Technology Hub, and many people are now turning their heads to this city. It sees a lot of tourists from across the globe as the state has been tagged as God’s own country.

Trivandrum Airport

The Trivandrum International airport is the only airport for Thiruvananthapuram passengers. It is located 7 km from the city and about 13 km from the famous Kovalam beach. This airport is the hub to Air India Express and sees a lot of traffic from a tourist standpoint. Being an airport for the Kerala state capital, it has many connections from across the globe for passengers to travel to places. It has two terminals with one being completely for domestic travel. It is at the tip end of the country, and you can travel to many destinations abroad such as middle east countries.




About Adelaide

Adelaide is known as the capital of the state of South Australia, while also being known as the fifth ranking city in Australia as far as population density is concerned. The city of Adelaide, true to its name, is located on the Adelaide plains, which are surrounded by the Mount Lofty Ranges on the east, the Gulf St. Vincent on the west and Fleurieu Peninsula on the north. This means that short drives outside the city warrant amazing wilderness trails and scenic beauty. The name of the city comes from the name of Queen Adelaide, who was the consort to the late patriarch of Britain, King William IV. It is a well-planned city that is arranged in a grid, making it convenient to travel to required destinations without the fear of getting lost. Book cheap flights to and from Adelaide easily, by virtue of the convenience and effortlessness guaranteed by

About Adelaide Airport

The Adelaide International Airport is a major hub for airlines catering to not only Adelaide city but also to the entire South Australian region. It is recognized as the fifth-busiest airport in the Australian continent. Some of the airlines that call Adelaide their home during their travels across the globe include Qantas Airways, Virgin Blue Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Jetstar Airways, and Air New Zealand among others. The airport is at a distance of approximately 7 km from the main downtown region of Adelaide, situated to the west of the city proper. The airport is highly advanced and is one of the most modern ones in the world, offering a variety of facilities such as baggage storage lockers, currency exchange and banking outlets, shower facilities, pharmacies, pet management, and postal services to name a few. You can now book affordable flights online to and from Adelaide through, with just a few clicks.

IATA code: ADL



About Sydney

One of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney is synonymous to splendor. The beautiful shoreline, fancy beaches and the exquisite harbours make Sydney more than just another beach destination. The lush green parks cut their way amidst the skyscrapers. The city is causal and loves its food and vibes.  Dine at a fine restaurant or take a ferry at the harbour or simply sit and watch the waves. Sydney is the city where you might feel lost in the concrete jungle and still have a park around.

About Sydney Airport

The Sydney Airport is an International airport connecting Sydney to all the major cities in the world. It is located about 15 kilometers away from the city centre. It is the primary hub for its local carrier Qantas. A lot of other airlines also operate from here. The terminals are well equipped with aerobridges, parking spaces, shops, cafes, lounges and restaurants for its passengers.




About Izmir

Izmir is a metropolis located on the western coast of Turkey, on the shore of Aegean Sea. It is a historical city with more than 8500 years of history hidden beneath its soil1. This is one of the oldest human settlements in the Mediterranean Sea area. Izmir has the third highest population in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara2. Izmir is one of the most important cities with regards to international trade because of the port infrastructure and free trade zone. The city is surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains3. The infrastructure in Izmir is very modern but at the same time, it is home to many historical monuments. Book a cheap flight to Izmir through in just a few easy steps.

About Izmir Airport

The official name of the Izmir Airport is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. It has been given this name as a tribute to the former prime minister of Turkey – Adnan Menderes. In airlines sector, it is known with ADB callsign. It is located in the Gaziemir district which is around 18 km South-West from the Izmir city centre. More than 10 airlines offer regular services at the Izmir Airport. Aegean Airlines, Atlas Global, Azerbaijan Airlines, Iran Aseman Airlines, Jet 2, Lufthansa, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, Sun Express, Turkish Airlines, etc. are the main airlines operating to and from Izmir Airport. Tourists can easily book cheap flights to and from Izmir these days. The Izmir Airport offers many facilities such as Prayer Room, Baggage Custody Services, CIP Primeclass Service, Lounges, Medical Facilities, Banking Facilities, Currency Exchange, and the Passenger as well as Cargo Terminals4. You can now book cheap flight tickets on to Izmir and explore one of the ancient gems of the Middle Eastern regions.

IATA code: ADB



About Surabaya

Surabaya is a coastal city with a port on the Island of Java in Indonesia. This city was once a trading hub and today happens to be the industrial city in the country. Surabaya is the second most populated city in Indonesia. Surabaya is also known as the ‘City of Heroes’ for the valiant and courageous men and women who lay their lives during the freedom struggle. The city of Surabaya bears many influences. So, while you are watching the Dutch buildings you will also see the Arabic side and influence it has.

About Juanda Airport

The Juanda International Airport is located in Sedati and is about 12 kilometres away from Surabaya. The airport is one of the busiest airports in Indonesia and is also the hub for quite a few airlines and cargo services. The airport terminals have designated arrival and departure areas. The airports are also equipped with ample parking space, shops, restaurants, cafes, prayer rooms and lounges.




About Bilbao

Bilbao is a picturesque country in Northern Spain with the city concealed within mountain ranges. It is located at the Bay of Biscay, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The Bilbao Metropolitan Area is one of the main urban areas in Northern Spain. In 2010, Bilbao had won the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, which is considered to be a Nobel prize for urbanism. Apart from that, Bilbao city has won many prestigious awards for its urban planning and architecture. Because of the Bay of Biscay, Bilbao has a very oceanic weather and rains are observed throughout the year. Also, the maximum temperature at Bilbao, even in the peak of summer is about 26 degree Celsius. Bilbao is the economic capital of Basque Autonomous Community. Thanks to economic activities, Bilbao has seen so much progress of the people as well as the country. You can now book affordable flights online to Bilbao and plan your vacation with ease.

About Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport is the official name of the airport serving the city. It is located in the municipal area of Loiu, Biscay; which is about 9 km north of the Bilbao city1. Bilbao Airport caters to a huge range of domestic and international airlines. It is a very modern airport and it has all the amenities that an airport should offer. More than 4.9 million passengers use the Bilbao Airport for travelling within the country as well as other countries. It has a very good parking arrangement and other passenger facilities. The major airlines that offer services are Vueling, Lufthansa, Iberia, and Air Europa. Apart from that there are many airlines that offer flights to and from Bilbao Airport.




About Bodrum

Bodrum is a district, as well as a city located on the coast of the Gulf of Gökova in Mugla Province of Turkey. The city is situated on the Bodrum Peninsula and has one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World named Mausoleum of Mausolus. In ancient times, the city was known as Halicarnassus of Caria. Being on the coast and for having many beautiful beaches, the city is also a part of the Turkish Tourism industry. Other than these, Bodrum is also rich in ancient destinations, a huge playground with prosperous Turks and foreigners, Bodrum Castle, and several ports inside the city. Bodrum Peninsula includes plenty of towns and villages which are located on the edge of the southern coast of the gulf. You can easily find cheap flights to Bodrum online from all the airports around the world. The city has a population of nearly 35,000 to 40,000 and hosts many festivals throughout a year. Bodrum city is also one of the admired destinations that foreigners visit during the season of summer.


About Bodrum Airport

Milas–Bodrum Airport is the official name of the airport of Bodrum, located 36 km North East from the main city of Bodrum1. It is a domestic, as well as, an international airport that serves both the town of Milas and Bodrum. The terminal is large and has a capacity of handling more than 5 million passengers a year. Currently, the airport manages to handle more than 3.5 million passengers throughout the year. Being a busy airport, you can find affordable flights to and from Bodrum easily from all over the world. The airport was built back in 1997 and the international terminal was opened in the year 1998.




About Philadelphia

Lovingly nicknamed ‘Philly’, the city of Philadelphia has a distinct culture, rich history and the charm of a small town. It also has the allure of a big city and is a listed UNESCO Heritage site that has witnessed the American war of Independence. Philly is also known as the ‘Workshop of the World’. The city has many museums and gardens. The food scene is quite something here and you can have a taste of different cuisines in a single day.

About Philadelphia Airport

The Philadelphia Airport is in the Delaware Valley. The airport is a hub for different commercial and cargo carriers. The city is well connected to other cities in the United States and across the world. The airport is well equipped dotted with shops, lounges, restaurants and cafes. The airport has enough parking space and designated arrival and departure gates. The area is well equipped to handle large volumes of passengers and cargo transportation.




About Paris

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. The city is spread across France and has lots to offer its tourists and locals alike. It is a city of creativity and it houses some of the most exquisite fashion and fragrance business houses. Paris is well known for its architecture and museum landmarks in the world. The city never sleeps and keeps you on your toes, with a lot to indulge in like sightseeing, shopping and food.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the wonders of the world and can be witnessed while on your visit to Paris. You can go to the top of the tower to get a glimpse of the city; a bird’s eye view.

About Paris Airport

The main airport in Paris is Charles de Gaulle. It is also known as Roissy Airport and is the largest international airport in France. It is just 25 km to the northeast side of Paris. It is the second busiest airport in Europe and the tenth in the world. Being the fashion capital, there are loads of cargo shipments coming in and going out of Paris.




About Beirut

People call Lebanon the “Switzerland of the Middle East”. For a Lebanese, Beirut makes more sense than that – a “city that never dies” despite 5,000 years old history of devastations. Beirut – the capital and largest city of Lebanon, is located at the intersection of East&West, on a giant headland jutting into the sea with impressive mountains towering behind, up to 3,000 meters high. Besides the luxurious restaurants, cobblestone streets, roadside cafes, and golden stone buildings next to the blue Mediterranean, Beirut is also an ancient settlement, a land with a heroic past, a prosperous town on the coast of Canaan and Phenixi. You can now book affordable flights to and from Beirut Airport with ease, using the intuitive interface that offers.

About Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport

The name of the Beirut airport is Rafic Hariri International Airport. It is located 9 km south of downtown Beirut, Lebanon, on the outskirts of this city. This airport is the only commercial airport operating in this country, and also the operational centre of the national airline of Lebanon, Middle East Airlines (commonly referred to as MEA). It is also the hub of the carrier Trans Mediterranean Airways (widely referred to as TMA Cargo), as well as the subscriber carrier MenaJet. The main terminal includes many the duty-free along with a couple of other shops, a restaurant, and the lounges. The airport also has banks, a post office and a tourist information centre. The Rafic Hariri International airport is the first in the region to offer 5G wireless internet services available for free for 2 hours. Now you can book flights to and from Beirut at reasonable rates and aidsto make your journeymore convenient and comfortable.




About Bangkok

Bangkok, other than being a capital and prime city of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world. The city has a lot of attractive sights, cultural temples, royal palaces, astonishing culture, and fabulous street foods. Bangkok is located in the region of Central Thailand and the Chao Phraya River that occupies an approximate area of 1,500 square km. The city is also ranked amongst top city destinations[i] and best tourist destinations to visit, all around the globe for several times. The city has a transport service of all kinds, including rails, local buses, motorcycle taxis, tuk-tuks, taxis, and waterbuses that offer a fabulous experience to explore the wonders of Bangkok. You can easily find cheap flights to and from Bangkok online and have an exciting experience exploring the city.

About Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport, better known as Suvarnabhumi Airport, was established in 2006. The word Suvarnabhumi is from Indian origin. Suvarna means Golden and Bhumi means Land in Sanskrit. Thus, Suvarnabhumi means golden land. Bangkok Airport provides services to both the domestic and international passengers, throughout the year. Handling over 50 million international passengers and 60 million total passengers a year, Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country, in Asia, and even in the world. The airport is located at the Racha Thewa Commune in Bang Phli District; and tourists can book tickets to Bangkok from many airlines including Thai Airways, Jet Asia Airways, Bangkok Airways, Thai Smile, and Thai Vietjet Air. The airport has one of the tallest free-standing control towers and one of the largest single-building airport terminals in the world.




About Munich

Munich is the capital city of the Bavaria province in Germany. Munich is the third largest city in Germany and the 12th largest city in the European Union.  It is well-developed in almost every aspect – financial, cultural, technology, education, business and many others. You can now book a flight from and to Munich on to experience the spectacular sights and festivities of the region. We provide you with varied airline options to choose from such as, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Eurowings, Gulf Air and many more.

Munich Airport

The official name of Munich airport is the Franz Josef Strauss International Airport.  The distance between the airport and the city centre is about 45 kilometres. You can avail train, bus or taxi services to travel from the airport to the city. The airport has modern facilities like Wi-Fi, tax refund centres, lost and found centre, lounges, recreation centre, spa, body fitness centre, child care facility, shopping stores, restaurants and more. If you are looking for cheap air-tickets from Riyadh andto Munich, you need not look any further than




About Milan

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and a perfect destination for tourists. Its architecture is a confluence of the Roman styles and various modern architectural designs. Considered as one of the ‘Four Motors of Europe’, it is a wealthy city and a hub of art, education, entertainment, fashion, commerce, finance, media and healthcare. The winters are really cold whereas summer months are warm. Milan is home to the world’s largest gothic structures and several other heritage sites dating back to the Roman Empire. The population consists of various nationalities including Africans, Latin Americans and a growing number of Asians. Milan-Malpensa Airport is located 49 kms northwest of Milan. It is the largest airport and operates several flights that offer cheap air tickets for locations worldwide.

Milan Airport

Many flights operate from Madinah to Riyadh regularly at reasonable and affordable prices. offers cheap options in terms of Madinah to Riyadh flights for you and your entire family to enjoy an extended stay in the city. The city has an international airport, the Malpensa Airport, which is situated 40 kms away from the city. The airline Easyjet has a specifically built terminal for its flights in the airport.




About Bishah

Also known as Qal’at Bishahh, the city of Bishah is situated in South-Western Saudi Arabia, specifically in the province known by the name of Asir. Situated right in the middle of the Bishah Valley, which is the longest valley in the Arabian Peninsula[1], the city is made up of 58 larger settlements and 240 villages. The region holds special importance for the rest of the country, owing to the fact it is one of the main agricultural hubs of Saudi Arabia. Being the land of abundance, it is one of the most significant oases in the Arabian Peninsula and a paradise for date lovers. Book cheap flights to and from Bishah through and choose from a variety of affordable airlines to reach this paradise.  

About Bishah Domestic Airport

The Bishah Domestic Airport, which is known by the IATA code of BHH, was officially opened to the public on 1st June, 1976. The airport is situated at an elevation of 1,185 meters above sea level. There is one runway in the airport, which serves as a connecting point for airlines like Flynas and Saudia. Some of the main destinations that flights from Bishah Domestic Airport ply to are Abha, Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah. You can now book affordable flights online to travel anywhere in and outside Saudi Arabia, with

IATA code: BHH



About Kuwait

Kuwait is an Arab country and is on par with any other city in the Gulf. It has managed to maintain the old- world charm. Authentic to its roots and traditions, Kuwait is an oasis amidst the deserts. The city has some fantastic museums, corniche beaches, souqs and restaurants that bring out the essence of the city in a different way. Kuwait lives with an enamour of its own. Quiet yet lively, that’s what Kuwait is.

About Kuwait Airport

The Kuwait International Airport connects Kuwait to major cities across the world. The airport is a hub for Kuwait Airways and is located about 16 kilometres away from the city centre. A part of the airport acts as the Military Air Base and also houses a Kuwait air force museum. The airport has a dedicated arrival and departures area. It also has shops, restaurants, cafes, lounges and prayer rooms for passengers.




About Bhubaneswar

A city which has been attributed with immense historical, cultural and economic significance, Bhubaneswar stands out amongst the North-Eastern cities of India as a hub for the confluence of Jain, Buddhist, and Hindu cultures throughout the years. The city is known for numerous traditional and cultural spectacles, such as the Odissi dance, as well as the famous festivities of the region, including Durga Puja, Rajarani Music Festival, and Mukteswara Dance Festival. Visit the capital city of the state of Odisha in India and enjoy the various wonders that this region has to offer – all you need to do is a book a cheap flight to and from Bhubaneswar with

About Bhubaneswar Airport

The main airport that caters to the city of Bhubaneswar is called the Biju Patnaik Airport, named after the late freedom fighter and aviator famous for his contribution to India’s freedom struggle. The Biju Patnaik Airport is ranked 15th among others in the country in terms of the number of travelers it sees on a daily basis. There are three terminals in the airport, the walls of which are lined by the traditional murals and ancient arts that used to adorn the ancient structures of the region. Some of the major airlines that ply to and from this airport include Vistara, IndiGo, GoAir, Alliance Air, AirAsia and more. Book an affordable flight ticket online with and experience the beauty of Bhubaneswar for yourself!

IATA code: BBI



About Istanbul

Istanbul is a main city in Turkey that depicts the cultural influences of the rulers. It is one of the most populous and busy cities in the country. It is situated between the continents of Europe and Asia and joins in through the Bosphorus Strait. It is replete with heritage and cultural values. The Grand Bazaar has a rambling effect on the tourists making it compeling to walk around and shop at their pace. If you wish to go fishing, Galata Bridge is the best place for it. The eastern side of the city has the best residential areas and a waterfront to enhance its beauty.

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport

This is one of the two airports serving Istanbul. Istanbul being the largest city in Turkey makes the airport of greater relevance. Istanbul is the base for Turkish Airlines and the hub for Pegasus Airlines as well. The airport is named after the first female fighter pilot in the world i.e. Sabiha Gökçen. The airport serves about 25 million passengers from various destinations, on a yearly basis. It has more international flyers as compared to domestic traffic.




About Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is also its 9th largest city. It has an area of around 906 square kilometers. It has beautiful landscapes, hill stations, and mosques. One can also see the remnants of earlier cultural architecture. has many flights to this region which include Saudi Arabian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Fly Dubai, EgyptAir, Pakistan International Airlines and many more. Getting flights easily and flying cheap from and to Islamabad is quite convenient through

Islamabad International Airport

The Islamabad International Airport took on all operations from the Benazir Bhutto International Airport which formerly served the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area. It is built on more than 3200 acres of land and is well equipped with runways, roadways, parking facilities and cargo terminals. It has been an ambitious project as it was designed to compete with other international airports. The new airport has the capacity to handle 15 million passengers in a year. It has world-class facilities with all the basic amenities as well as four-star hotels, 42 immigration counters, food stalls or food court, and even duty-free shops. It takes around 5 hours and 55 minutes for flights from and to Islamabad.




About Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a part of Germany and a major financial hub to the European Central Bank which makes it even more popular. It is a great tourist destination and can be visited all year long. However, the best time to visit Frankfurt is in the early spring, i.e. March to June. The city has loads to offer architectural enthusiasts and those who love art and craft. It has some of the best music, and culinary skills from across the globe and people come here to enjoy every bit of it. Frankfurt is a popular city and people who come to Germany do not finish their trip without visiting Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt is a major financial hub, and therefore the airport is very busy as compared to any other cities in the world. Frankfurt is the fifth largest city of Germany making it one of the busiest itself. It hosts domestic as well as international flights from all the major carriers of Germany and its nearby countries. It has an average service of 65 million passengers each year. It has been tagged as the fourth busiest after London’s Heathrow airport. The airport has the most direct routes in the world making it trend across the globe.




About Bergamo

Located in a region known as the Alpine Lombardy, Bergamo is a city that can be found by travelers exploring the northern areas of Italy. Situated around 40 kms from its popular neighbor, Milan, Bergamo is a well-planned metropolitan city. However, the diversity and extent of the city goes beyond the geographical urban borders that it is known for. At the core of the city is a walled-off part, known as the Upper Town or Città Alta. Remnants of the old Venetian defensive systems line the walls of this part of the city. Bergamo is also well connected with other major cities, such as Trieste, Venice, Verona, Milan and Turin. You can now book affordable flights online to and from Bergamo with

About Orio al Serio International Airport

The official airport catering to the city of Bergamo is the Orio al Serio International airport, also known by its other name Il Caravaggio International airport. It is recognized as being the third busiest airport in Italy, as it handled over 12.3 million passengers in 2017 alone, a 10% increase from the previous year. It houses a single passenger terminal which offers regional, international and intercontinental flight service across the world. The airport also has a VIP lounge, along with baggage storage facilities that are conveniently placed along the hallways of the arrival space. There are two runways in the airport, which serve flights from airlines like Pegasus, Iberia, Ernest Airlines, Laudamotion, Nouvelair and others. You can now book cheap flight tickets for any of these airlines from the online portal offered by Ejazah.

IATA code: BGY



About Agadir

The geographical position of Agadir makes for one of the most scenic as well as majestic places to visit in the Middle East. It lies on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean with the yawning ocean on one side while being cradled by the Atlas Mountains on the other side. The city houses a population of over half a million residents, and also houses a port that opens into four basins on the shore, each one catering to a specific commercial activity, namely triangle fishing, commercial trade, and various sightseeing activities. Being a wonderful and much-visited tourist destination, known for its pristine beaches that receive year-long sunshine, we have made it easier for you to book cheap flights to and from Agadir through our online portal.  

About Agadir Airport

The official airport that connects Agadir to the world is known as the Agadir – Al Massira Airport. It lies about 20 kms away in the southeast direction from the main town of Agadir. Being an airport that sees a considerable amount of traveler traffic each day, the airline hub at Agadir served a total of 1,502,094 passengers in the year 2007. Some of the main airlines that cater to this place include Binter Canarias, Air Arabia Maroc, Brussels Airlines, Chair Airlines, Condor, Enter Air and Lufthansa among others. The airport also houses numerous facilities for tourists, including a tourist help desks where information is given in both English as well as French languages other than the local dialect, ATMs, luggage lockers, duty-free outlets, and more. You can now book cheap flights online to and from Agadir through

IATA code: AGA



About Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third most populous city in Scotland. Most tourists favor Aberdeen as it is known by several nicknames such as “the happiest place in the UK”, “the silver city of Scotland” or “the oil capital of Europe”. Not only is it an excellent trading centre with a potential seaport, but Aberdeen is also Europe’s largest source of crude oil in Europe. Aberdeen attracts tourists due to the numerous ancient castles, large-scale museums and other epitomes of British architecture that define the region. Besides, the long beaches of Aberdeen make it an irresistible and memorable place. You can immerse yourself in the bright blue sea, sunbathe on the soft sand beach or sit still enjoying every bit of the beauty of the Aberdeen beach. Also, the climate in Aberdeen is neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter, making it suitable for short-distance travelers. Book cheap flights to Aberdeen with and gain all the support and convenience needed to enjoy a great trip.

Aberdeen Airport

The Aberdeen International Airport, located at Dyce on the outskirts of Aberdeen, is approximately five nautical miles northwest of Aberdeen city centre. The airport has a passenger terminal, serving all scheduled flights available. In addition, there are four stations dedicated to helicopters that are used in North Sea voyages. The airport has numerous restaurants and lodges as well, including Jury’s Inn, Premier Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Holiday Inn Express and Crowne Plaza hotels. In 2013, Accor Group also brought two hotels at the airport, a Novotel with 194 bedrooms and an Ibis with 112 bedrooms. The airport is also known for its duty free shops. These facilitates serve to make the trips of passengers more comfortable and convenient. What are you waiting for? Now, book for yourself a cheap flight ticket to Aberdeen by visiting and enjoy an exciting trip.

IATA code: ABZ



About Algiers

As soon as you visit Algiers, the first thing you would noticeis the drawing smell of fish/seafood from the restaurants by the port and the increasing sounds of the sights and sounds ofthe bustling Kasbah as you walk on. Known for its UNESCO world heritage sites and marked by the splendor of tradition, Algiers never fails to make an impression. The city’s architecture is rich in beauty: wide French-built boulevards, elegant apartments and villas are all common sights. If you are looking to explore this land of wonders, you can nowbook online flights to and from Algiers with for a comfortable, hassle-free, affordable booking experience.

Houari Boumediene Airport 

Known as the Houari Boumediene Airport and the Algiers International Airport, it is the main international airport serving Algiers, the capital of Algeria.The airport is located at 17 km, which is 11 mileseast southeast of Algiers city center.It operates on three terminals, one each for domestic, international, and pilgrims destinations respectively. It has about 21 scheduled arrival routes within Algeria and 66 international scheduled routes.Among other airlines, some of the main air travel service providers who fly to the region include Saudia Airlines, Iberia, Vueling Airlines and Tunisair. Furthermore, the most popular routes from Algiers include Algiers to Paris& Algiers to Barcelona with 962 and 236 weekly flights respectively.You can start your online flight booking, which is just a click away with We make your travels relaxing with affordable online flight tickets.

IATA code: ALG




About Chicago

Chicago is an architectural wonder; not just a city but an emotion for the people here. Whether it is those steely skyscrapers or simple buildings, everything here looks like an example of high flying architecture. The art museums here are a class apart and the city has some more pleasant surprises. When in Chicago you don’t count calories, so be prepared to gorge on some brilliant food that will blow your mind off and treat your taste buds like never before. Soul food or high-end molecular gastronomy or simply the food off some food truck – each dish will have a lasting impression on you. The sports in the city and the music festivals are not to be only talked about but experienced.

Chicago Airport

The O’Hare International Airport is one of the busiest airports and directly connects the city to almost 217 destinations across the world. The airport is not just great on infrastructure and design but is also managed extremely well. The airport terminals are well equipped with stores, cafes, lounges, restaurants and just about everything to keep passengers busy while they wait for their flight. The airport is a hub for most of America’s mainline carriers. The airport handles a large number of passengers and cargo.




About Chennai

Chennai, another famous metropolis in India, is a city full of surprises. The city boasts of diverse neighborhoods yet preserves the South Indian historic and artistic traditions. The capital city, has admirable culinary traditions and a lot of hustle-bustle. While the weather is mostly hot and humid, the infectious enthusiasm of Chennai instantly covers up for it. The famous Marina beach, the architectural marvels, the museums, the art and dance performances, the historical houses all have a charm of their own. The city has its own alluring appeal that will bring you back to the city over and over again.

About Chennai Airport

The Chennai International Airport is the 5th busiest airport in the country. The airport is a hub for quite a few airline companies. The airport terminals are well equipped with aerobridges, parking space, shops, cafes, restaurants and premium lounges. The airport connects Chennai with major cities in India and across the world. The airport handles passengers and cargo in large numbers.




Casablanca City

Casablanca in Morocco is an amalgamation of the French colonial designs with traditional Moroccan styles. The downtown gives travelers an exquisite taste of the city which is quite different from its counterparts. This beachside suburb is a mix of the European culture and Moroccan traditions. The buildings in Casablanca are an architectural delight and this part of the city has more of a European sophistication to it.

Casablanca Airport

The Mohammed V International Airport is about 30 kilometers away from the city centre. It is the main hub for the national carrier as well as the other private carriers. The airport has a shopping mall, cafes, restaurants, and lounges for its passengers. The airport provides free Wi-Fi for all its passengers.




About Brisbane

Brisbane is all about being artsy. The golden beaches, turquoise waters, galleries and some interesting restaurants make Brisbane the go-to place. The city is home to a brilliant architectural heritage, lovely coffee houses, cafes and some enthralling street art. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and is the third most populous city in Australia. The city is all about the surf, the turf, the sun, the sand and the exquisite Australian fare.

About Brisbane Airport

The Brisbane Airport is the primary airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland. Brisbane is a hub for many airlines. The airport has two passenger terminals. The passenger terminals have aerobridges, ample parking space, restaurants, cafes and premium lounges.




About Sarajevo

A beautiful historic centre that is filled with gleaming cafes and gorgeous lodgings, Sarajevo is a serene child of history that holds great importance in the country. It is an architectural mix of the Yugoslav, Ottoman, and the Austro-Hungarian buildings. The beautiful lands of Sarajevo have welcoming hospitality with architectural structures filled with bullet holes that are plastered over with repairs that make it more gorgeous.

About Sarajevo Airport

Also referred to as the Butmir Airport, this international hub of the Bosnia and Herzegovina that serves the beautiful Sarajevo is an essential airport of this area. The Sarajevo International Airport is managed by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA). It carries around 1 million passengers every year and is one of the busy airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




About Calicut

Calicut, also known as Kozhikode, is one among the bigger cities in Kerala, India. Known to be one of the most prominent and a prosperous trading towns, Calicut has a glorious historical past. The coastal city with its rich history and some fine beaches attracts travelers from all over the world. This city has seen many different rulers rule over it and therefore it has many cultural influences that are evident in their monuments and food. The famous Kappad Beach where Vasco Da Gama landed is right here in Calicut.

About Calicut Airport

The Calicut International Airport connects Calicut with quite a few major cities in India and the Gulf. The airport is a hub for Air India Express. Located about 25 kilometres away from the city centre, the airport has stores, restaurants, prayer rooms and ample parking space.




Cape Town City

Cape Town is a pretty city set on the coastal banks of South Africa. It is also the capital to the country and a part of the Western Cape. This part of the city is a legislative capital while the other two capitals are in different parts of the state. Cape Town is an ideal location for tourists and a lot of people from across the globe come to the town to experience leisure. It has abundant activities that you can do while you visit the city. Adventure activities, beach activities, surfing, flower gardens and much more. Your day would never end here in Cape Town.

Cape Town Airport

The Cape Town International Airport is located 20 km from the city center and is operational since 1954. It is the primary airport that serves the city. It is the only airport that has scheduled passenger services and is also the second busiest airport in South Africa. The route from Cape Town to Johannesburg is the 9th busiest route in the world and sees around 4.5 million passengers on a yearly basis. You can take direct flights to almost any country from here and the services are all top-notch for all passengers to feel comfortable.




About Bengaluru

Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore, is a city of lakes, gardens and now better known as the IT hub. It is a cosmopolitan city and enjoys great weather year long. This is one Indian city that is most loved by tourists for its progressive nature and well preserved traditional roots. In Bengaluru tradition and modern walk hand-in-hand. The Victorian-era architecture, some interesting café’s and a bustling food scene make Bengaluru even better.

About Bengaluru Airport

The Kempegowda International Airport is the third busiest airport in the country. The airport connects the city to other major cities in India as well as the world. The airport serves as a hub for many commercial and cargo carriers. The airport has one terminal which handles domestic as well as international operations. The airport is well equipped with stores, cafes, lounges, duty-free shops and restaurants. The airport is capable of handling large volumes of passengers and cargo.




Ankara City

Turkey is a country located in the Middle East that is a part of eastern Europe and western Asia giving it a diverse cultural environment. The country has a unique side to its geography where it is bordered by 8 different countries and has been covered by three sides of Sea in the north, west and south regions. It is the capital of the country and the second largest city with Istanbul being the first. The city has honey, pears and Muscat grapes as its specialty. Ankara has a great historical value and heritage which can be seen it its monuments and the culture that the Turks hold.

Ankara Airport

The city of Ankara has 6 airports and is the capital of the country. Esenboga International Airport (ESB) hosts all types of flights, domestic and international each year. It had a significant 15 million passengers served in 2017 out of which 13 million passengers were domestic travelers. The airport is known as Esenboga from the village which means wind flowing bull. It has also been awarded as the best airport in Europe in 2009. It has been able to cover almost all the routes across the globe with major operations in domestic and International travel.




About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city that comes to mind when one talks about everything beautiful. This city with its picture pretty canals, gabled buildings and some fine museums is one place where you can linger around without keeping a track of time. Amsterdam is full of pleasant surprises. The canals and the narrow lanes hide some gems that need to be experienced. From art galleries to craft breweries to high tech start-ups to some of the best hangout spots in Europe, Amsterdam has the best of all worlds. Take a moment or more to feel Gezellig; the Dutch quality that defines the word cosy. We’d say don’t delve too much into the definition just experience it.


About Amsterdam Airport

The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the main international airport in the Netherlands. It is the third busiest airport in Europe and is built as a single-terminal concept. The airport is a hub for quite a few commercial carriers. The airport has ample parking space and is well equipped with aerobridges, cafes, restaurants, shops, and lounges. The airport is capable of handling and managing large volumes of passengers and cargo.




About Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and is also Africa’s fourth-largest city. The city believes in playing the perfect host to all people visiting them and the people can go great lengths when it comes to hospitality. The sprawling city has a hustle-bustle of its own but that’s also where one can have the real taste of Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is home to some beautiful museums, interesting restaurants. The city is also the economic, political and social hub of Ethiopia.

About Addis Ababa Airport

The Addis Ababa Bole International Airport is the hub for Ethiopian Airlines. The airport connects the city to some of the major cities in Africa and the world. On average there are 350 flights arriving and departing from this airport. The terminals have 11 gates and have a designated arrival and departure area. The airport is well equipped with shops, restaurants, lounges and parking spaces. The airport is capable of handling a large volume of passengers and cargo. Currently, the airport is undergoing further expansion.




About Karachi

Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, is also the financial capital of the nation. This bustling city situated along the eastern coast of the Arabian Sea was originally the capital of the country. Being highly cordial to tourists, the city offers a plethora of options to explore and indulge in shopping and eating activities. Sandy beaches, traditional bazaars, modern eateries, and historic buildings make the city an extremely vibrant place. With its culture well-preserved, the city allows tourists to explore its rich history in the form of monuments such as Empress Market, Frere Hall, and Jehangir Kothari. Planning your holiday in advance will help you to get cheap air-tickets and avoid the last-minute rush.  Visit and let us help you pave the way for an awesome vacation.

About Karachi Airport

The Karachi airport is officially known as the Jinnah International Airport. The airport consisting of four terminals, handling both domestic and international flights. It is also the hub for Pakistan International Airlines and other Pakistani airlines. The airport facilities include duty-free shops, bookstores, cafes, internet kiosks, lounges and more. We, at, take care of all the travel requirements of our passengers. Book cheap air-tickets to and from Karachi, with hotel accommodations, and plan a glitch-free holiday with us.




About Gizan

Gizan is the capital city of the Gizan province of Saudi Arabia. It is the port city of Saudi Arabia and is surrounded by mountains and forest lands. The city is famous for the Fifa mountain, which is at an elevation of 11000 feet above sea level. Gizan houses several archaeological sites, which act as a symbol of its rich culture and heritage. We at offer a varied range of options for cheap flight tickets to and from Gizan to make your travel comfortable and affordable.

Gizan Airport

The official name of the Gizan airport is King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Airport. It has one terminal and a single runway. Being a relatively small airport, you will not find much difficulty in boarding your flight. The airport has a duty-free zone, museum/LED aquarium, lounge, as well as several food and beverage counters. Gizan airport is hardly four kilometers away from Gizan city and does not take more than ten minutes in regular traffic. You now have the opportunity to book Gizan flights through, where you can find several discounts and offers to make your travel worthwhile.




About Amman

Amman is the capital city of Jordan. As compared to other major cities in the Middle East, Amman is a newly established and fairly young urban centre. It boasts of an ultra-modern commerce and banking infrastructure. In 1200 BC, it was known as the ‘City of Waters’. During the reign of Roman rulers, it was known as Philadelphia. The city houses several churches and mosques. At, we offer cheap air tickets to and from Amman facilitating your next trip in an affordable manner.

Amman Airport

The Amman airport is also known as the Queen Alia InternationalAirport, named after Queen Alia, the former queen of Jordan. It is situated in the Zizya area, which is around 30 kilometers away from the southern tip of Amman. The International Airport Council has awarded it the title of the Best Airport of the Middle East. The airport has two terminals, the North terminal, and South terminal. You can now book cheap air tickets for flights to and from Amman on




About Riyadh

Riyadh is a commercial hub and the capital of Saudi Arabia. Other than the modern infrastructure that the city is known for, one can also visit the older part of the city to view some of the ancient architectural remnants of its rich culture. All major financial deals within the country take place in Riyadh. It has an interesting demographic and continuously attracts tourists and businessmen with its wondrous prospects. We, at, extend our support towards its citizens and provide cheap air tickets for both domestic and international travels. Book a cheap flight to and from Riyadh on with ease.

Riyadh Airport

The King Khalid International Airport is the main international airport in the city and is located 35 km north of Riyadh. It is well-equipped with all the basic amenities and has parking facilities, inter-terminal connectivity and even a mosque for its passengers to visit. It takes about 36-41 minutes to reach from Riyadh to the airport. Ejazah is offering cheap travel deals on flights from and to Riyadh through our airline partners.




About Karachi

Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, is also the financial capital of the nation. This bustling city, situated along the eastern coast of the Arabian Sea was originally the capital of the country. Being highly cordial to tourists, the city offers a plethora of options to explore and indulge in shopping and eating activities. Sandy beaches, traditional bazaars, modern eateries and historic buildings make the city an extremely vibrant place. With its culture well-preserved, the city allows tourists to explore it’s rich history in the form of monuments such as  the Empress Market, Frere Hall, and Jehangir Kothari. Planning your holiday in advance will help you to get cheap air-tickets and avoid last minute rush. Hop on to and let us help you pave the way for an awesome vacation.

About Karachi Airport

The Karachi airport is officially known as the Jinnah International Airport. The airport consisting of four terminals, handling both domestic and international flights. It is also the hub for Pakistan International Airlines and other Pakistani airlines. The airport facilities include duty-free shops, bookstores, cafes, internet kiosks, lounges and more. We, at, take care of all the travel requirements of our passengers. Book cheap air-tickets to and from Karachi, with hotel accommodations, and plan a glitch-free holiday with us.




About Geneva

Geneva is an incredible tourist destination and is the gateway to the Alps mountain range. It is the second largest city in Switzerland and boasts of its remarkable scenic sights that certainly surpass your imagination. Located on the coast of Lake Geneva, it has many architectural attractions, including the world’s tallest water fountain. The city is famous for activities like hiking and skiing, making it a perfect summer retreat. would like to make your journey to the spectacular city of Geneva much more rewarding by providing you diverse options for cheap flights from and to Geneva and hotel selections that fit your holiday budget.

Geneva International Airport

The major airport serving Geneva is the Geneva International Airport. It has two terminals and contains all the basic facilities and added comforts that passengers can ask for. The airport has free Wi-Fi services, cash-dispensing machines, and foreign exchange services. It also has paid lounge services, dry cleaning center, childcare service, restaurants, and duty-free shops for international travelers. wishes to assist with your travel and make it more comfortable by providing cheap flights from and to Geneva.




About Madinah

Madinah is the most important Islamic city while also being the administrative centre of the Madinah province. The city is known for its peace and tranquillity and is home to some of the most important Islamic landmarks and archaeological sites. Besides, Madinah is rich in culture, heritage, and museums. Widely popular as ‘The Prophet’s City,’ it is considered as the second holiest city to Makkah with three oldest mosques – the Quba Mosque, Al-Masjid Al Nabawi, and Masjid al-Qiblatayn. Located in the most fertile part of Hejaz territory, Madinah offers some spectacularly scenic views to its visitors, making it a great travel destination. So, plan your holiday or pilgrimage and book cheap air-tickets to and from Madinah with just a few clicks on

Madinah Airport

Named after Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz, the Madinah airport handles domestic as well as international flights well. Also, it offers scheduled international services to regional destinations such as Doha, Dubai, Cairo, Istanbul, and Kuwait City. In fact, it also accommodates international charter flights during the Hajj and Umrah seasons. It is the fourth busiest airport in Saudi Arabia, handling over seven lakh passengers annually. The Madinah Airport has been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for the recent terminal expansion from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED certification is considered the industry standard in defining and measuring “green,” sustainable construction. Customize your travel to Madinah with cheap air tickets and accommodation.




About Hyderabad

Hyderabad, best known for its wonderful cuisine, is also popular among Indians for its famous landmark, ‘the Charminar’. The city is a major contributor of pearls to the jewelry industry and is the 4th most populous city in India. Hyderabad also has the second largest film industry in India. Once ruled by the Mughals and Nizams, one can witness and admire its ancient architecture even today. Apart from all its resources and culture, Hyderabad is also known for its rapidly growing IT sector. Delve into its open spaces and explore its rich culture and scenic beauty. offers cheap flight tickets to and Hyderabad and many other benefits in the form of offers and discounts.

Hyderabad Airport

Hyderabad is served by the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport which is the fifth best airport in the world. It is a world class airport with all the basic and latest amenities, including a colossal energy conservation’ mechanism. The airport has a solar power plant for its energy requirements. It has received many awards like the “Best Cargo Terminal of the Year” for its impeccable cargo services. offers cheap flights to and from Hyderabad on its portal. It will take 4 hours and 45 minutes to reach Hyderabad from Riyadh.




About Cochin

Cochin is an industrial city in the state of Kerala in India. Cochin has become the commercial capital of Kerala due to its high levels of industrialization. Since it is a coastal city, it is also one of the most sought-after tourist locations in South India. Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese have made historical contributions towards the trade and cultural development in this city. It is the perfect tourist place for people who love scenic beaches and historical monuments. You can now book cheap air tickets to and from Cochin through

Cochin Airport

The Cochin International Airport is equipped with all the ultra-modern facilities like a miniature golf course, duty-free shops, medical aid, airport guide, WiFi and many more aspects. It operates many domestic and international direct flights. It is about 28 kilometres away from the city centre. The Cochin airport is the world’s first airport to utilize solar power for all its operations. Having a small and easily navigable terminal, you can be rest assured that finding your way around here will be very easy. By booking to and from Cochin flights through you can take advantage of the easy and convenient interface that the website offers as well as exciting offers from time to time.




About London

London, the capital of England and stands on the River Thames, which is in the southeast part of the country. Originally named Londinium, the city is known to be a world cultural capital. London is quite popular among artists, entertainment and fashion professionals. It has the world’s largest city airport system and each year it receives many foreign students looking to join its renowned universities. Whether you are a student or a tourist, booking cheap air tickets to and from London is quite convenient with

London Airport

The Heathrow Airport is the main international airport of London. It lies to the west of Central London and is the second most-busiest airport in the world. Apart from passenger traffic from Europe, it also handles travelers from around the world as London has a diverse culture, along with the world’s largest financial center. To cater to the diverse cultural background, it boasts of world-class facilities and even has prayer rooms for all faiths. To make your travel more affordable, provides cheap air tickets to and from




About Lahore

A fast growing city, Lahore is the capital of the Punjab province in Pakistan. It is culturally rich and reflects the vibrant past of the region and the country as a whole, through its architecture, cuisine and people. Lahore has seen the rise and fall of various empires – the Ghaznavids, Ghurids, the Mughal Empire, the Persian Empire, the British Empire and so on. Today, Lahore is an important hub of trade, economics, politics, and various other sectors. Being a beautiful city, rich in traditions and historical significance, there is a lot to see and do when you visit Lahore. Lahore houses some of the oldest Pakistani universities. It is a melting pot for art, literature, music, and film enthusiasts. The Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens, are the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in the city. A growing number of low-cost airlines now offer cheap air tickets to fly to different locations to and from Lahore.

Lahore Airport

The Allama Iqbal International Airport, also known as the Lahore International Airport, is located 15 km away from the city centre. It is the third largest civil airport in the whole of Pakistan and has a terminal solely dedicated for Hajj pilgrims. There are 3 terminals in the airport – general, Hajj terminal and cargo terminal. Turkish Airlines, Saudi Gulf, Etihad Airways, Jazeera Airways etc. are some of the major airlines that operate here.




About Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a beautiful resort city on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. The landscape is an amalgamation of sterling beaches and mountains lining the interiors of the region. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt. The climate is cool and windy in the winter months. The city’s beaches are popular for activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and several other water-based recreational sports. You can find a large number of 5-star and 7-star hotels that offer the best stay experience to tourists. You will also come across the remains of the Bedouin culture in this city.

Sharm El Sheikh Airport

The Sharm El Sheikh International Airport serves the city of Sharm El Sheikh. You can choose from several low-cost carriers that offer cheap air tickets. If you are in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh must feature in your itinerary. The airport has numerous duty-free shops lining its corridors, along with a diverse array of bazaar, retail and souvenir shops. There are also several lounges within the airport, where you can choose to rest on a pay-per-use basis.