About the city Ercan

The Ercan city is located in Cyprus towards the northern side of the island. It is located on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This nation is a member of European Union and it is counted as one of the most populous islands on the face of this planet. It joins directly to the northern side of Cyprus, which is famous for its weather, sea beaches, sea food and  more. The Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus has control over the region. It is one of the most beautiful nation on the face of this planet. Although this part of the world is going through a major power struggle, but it has not hampered the peacefulness of the region. The people are friendly and welcoming. Moreover, the city enjoys all the festivals and it has created a community of their own.The introduction of Air BnB has made the entire process of visiting and enjoying the place more memorable. It has a unique culture, some of it may look strange to the western side of the world and some of the other may look stranger to the eastern side of the world. This city has good historical values for the entire island. We provide detailed information regarding flights to and from Ercan. If you are interested in booking flights on cheap rates online, is the place to do so.

About Ercan Airport

The Ercan International Airport is the main airport at of Ercan. With nearby areas of the airport are well-developed. The international flights are currently banned but there is a non-stop flight from turkey to the city. Any flights that want to visit the nation will have to stop at the Turkish airport. Looking at the inconvenience and difficulty to travel to this place, most of the passengers who are traveling from abroad go to this place by road after stopping at the Larnaca International Airport. This airport has no restrictions and the people travel freely from anywhere in the world to this place. This airport has the runway distance of around 2.5 kilometers and it has the capacity to host seven aircraft at one time. The runway has a good distance for any plane to land; however; a large plane such as Airbus A380, with heavy load capacity, cannot takeoff from this place. Since the year 2017, this airport has seen a sharply declined number of passengers. Anadolu Jet, AtlasGlobal, Corendon Airlines, Freebird Airlines, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, and Turkish Airlines are some of the airlines that ply to and from the Ercan international airport.



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