About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a beautiful hilly capital of Scotland, United Kingdom. It is considered as one of the world’s most beautiful cities1. Edinburgh is Scotland’s second most populous city and the seventh most populous in United Kingdom2. It is famous for its culture and festivals all over the world. It is also renowned for the Edinburgh international festival. We provide detailed information regarding flights to and from Edinburgh. If you are interested in booking flights on cheap rates online, Ejazah is the right place to do so.

About Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh airport is one of Scotland’s busiest airports and the UK’s 6th busiest airport in the current time3. It serves more than 33 airlines with more than 188 routes worldwide4. It is located at the Kingston area of Edinburgh, UK. There are some bus services available which provide public transportation between the airport and Edinburgh. There are ample ways to reach the airport by bus, by road, and by tram according to the place. Various airlines connect Europe, Germany, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada, and the Middle East to Edinburgh. British Airways, Thomson, KLM, Eurowings, Iberia Express, Brussels Airlines, Transavia, air Canada, Wow Air are some of the few airlines that are available from Edinburgh airport. Flight booking was never so easy before. You can now book affordable online flights at Ejazah in just a few clicks.


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