About Hafr Al Batin

Located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Hafar Al-Batin, which is otherwise known as Hafr Al-Batin.  The city surrounds Riyadh from the northern side and is about a couple of kilometers away from the Iraq border.More precisely, it is located over the dry valley of the Wadi al-Batin, which leads towards Madinah. Hafar Al-Batin is a part of the longer valley of the river Wadi al-Rummah as well.The inhabitation is countable with more than 35 villages in the suburban area. The mid way cityis the route in Al-Batin valley, which passes through the desert that pilgrims take while traveling to Makkah for Hajj.  Hafar Al-Batin has several hotels for tourists to have a comfortable stay. The city is famous for a popular travel spot in the Middle East. It is for the same reason many tourists visit Saudi Arabia and enjoy doing a variety of things inHafar Al-Batin. Finding Cheap flights to Hafar Al-Batinis very simple with Plan your next holiday trip and discover great bargains on flight tickets with us.

Hafr Al Batin Airport

Otherwise known as Al Qaisumah, the airport servesthe place of Al Qaisumah, which is a town near the city of Hafar Al-Batin in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The airport is at a height of over 358 m above the mean sea level.It has a single runway with a designation marking of 16/34 over the asphalt surface.As of now, the airport has two operational airlines for passenger services.Along with international flights, Nesma Airlines manages a few of the scheduled domestic flights within Saudi Arabia.Besides, it offers facilities for both Business Class and Economy Class.The management has facilities for free hot and cold beverages, and some small snacks, during the flight, to make the journeys comfortable.The second airline is Saudi Arabian Airlines. Being the third-largest airline in the Middle East, it schedules domestic and international flights to over 85 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

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About Asyut

Asyut, capital of the Asyut Governate, is located on the western bank of the rive Nile in the central part of Egypt. This city, located on the south of the capital of Egypt, Cairo, has been revamped into modern Asyut through the establishment of the Assiut University and the flourishing of textile industry. The city adopts its name from the early Egyptian word Zawty, which later was adopted into Coptic Egyptian Language as Syowt, meaning the “Guardian”. The rich ancient history of Asyut can be explored at the best prices with the help ofonline flight booking at

About the Airport of Asyut

The AssuitAiport, renders air shuttle service to the city and the governate of Asyut. It is situated on the west on the main city at a distance of around 27.5 miles. The airport, run by the Government, acts as a doorway to Egypt and the Middle East with rendering Airlines like EgyptAir, Air Arabia, Air Cairo, Flynas, et al. Incepted in the year 1971,the Assuit Airport now, unlike its original operational hours after establishment, operates 24 hours. Modern facilities like baggage handling services, Wi-Fi, and hygienic restaurants are made available to the customers. can help you book cheap flights to and from Asyut in just a few easy steps.




About Bahir Dar

Bahir is a city in northwestern Ethiopia and is the current capital of the Amhara Region State. Bahir Dar is also known as the Special Administrative Region. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Ethiopia, with famous sights on the Tana Lake and the Nile River. Bahir has wide boulevards lined with palm trees and colorful flowers. In 2002, the city was awarded the UNESCO City for Peace Prize for addressing the challenges of rapid urbanization. Presently, there are wide range of cheap flights to and from Bahir Dar, if you wish to visit the place.

About Bahir Dar Airport

The official airport of Bahir Dar is known as the Bahir Dar Airport,also known as the Ginbot Haya Airport. The airport is 8 km west of downtown Bahir Dar, near Lake Tana. The airport also has routes used for Ethiopian air force. The Bahir Dar Airport sits at an elevation of 5,976 feet (1,821 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 04/22, with an asphalt concrete surface measuring 3,000 by 61 metres (9,843 ft × 200 ft). The airport has 1 airline called Ethiopian Airlines with 2 destinations Addis Ababa and Lalibela. You can book affordable flights online using to Bahir Dar and all its neighbors, with ease.

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About Atlanta

An ever-evolving and expanding city, Atlanta is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Green areas covered with a leafy area, flower plantations and attentive care for the environment have helped it have a sustainable ecosystem and help the city retain its charm. Atlanta also happens to be the capital of the State of Georgia.You can now book cheap flights online to and from Atlanta hassle-free in just a few clicks, on

About Atlanta Airport

The official airport of Atlanta is the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and is the primary international airport serving Atlanta. It is located at the focus of Southwest Airlines and is the main hub of Delta Air Lines as well as Delta Connection Express Jet’s partner. The airport is also an international gateway for the United States, so there is always a large number of international visitors. At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport, there are 5 runways, with the longest spanning up to 3.7 kilometers. The terminal system is fully equipped with advanced and modern technical equipment, including the latest updated equipment. Affordable online flights to and from Atlanta await on

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About Athens

Athens is often known as the city of legends and history. It is the capital and largest city of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world with the least recorded history is 3000 years. Athens is not modern or magnificent like Paris. Neither is it as majestic and ancient as Rome. However, it has a grace of its own. With cafes, restaurants, clothing shops and fast food, Athens is noisy, crowded and alive. The sky in Athens is cloudless and along the road from the airport to the city are rows of green olive trees, making tourists eager to explore the land that we previously imagined by myths and fantasies about a glorious ancient civilization, about Achilles, Odyseus, and Zeus. Currently, on, you can find numerous flights online to and from Athens at affordable rates.

About Athens International Airport

The Athens International Airport, officially called “Eleftherios Venizelos”, is the official airport of Athens. It could be argued that Athens is the busiest airport in Greece and is the hub and main base of Aegean Airlines and, as well as other Greek airlines. It also happens to be the 30th busiest airport in Europe with more than 18 million passengers (statistics from 2015). The airport currently has two main terminals: Main Terminal and Satellite Terminal. The airport currently accepts flights to and from dozens of domestic and international airlines. These include Aegean Airlines such asAer Lingus, Air France, Delta Air Lines and Ryanair. A variety of cheap flights to and from Athens are available throughout the year on

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About Aswan

Aswan is a predominantly tourist and market city in Egypt, located on the east bank of the river Nile and happens to be the capital of the Aswan Governorate. Aswan is well known for a variety of art and craft traditions, ancient locations of historical and archaeological interest and is listed in UNESCO as one of one of the cities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Aswan has several ancient monuments and museums containing a wide range of Egyptian artifacts of historical and continued cultural importance.Geographically too, Aswan is very diverse. The city is composed around a range of fantastic islands and the city surrounds the Nasser lake.Around the Nasser lake too, there are a variety of sights and attractions that one can explore around. More than 300,000 people reside in Aswan and the majority population in the city is of Nubian descent. The city has an international airport and you can find cheap flights to and from Aswan quite easily. Trains and buses are available to travel within the city but you can also use local taxis and autos.

About Aswan Airport 

The official airport of Aswan is also known as the Daraw Airport. It is an international airport operated and managed by the Egyptian government. The Daraw airport manages flights to 16 different cities in 7 different countries including some of the bigger and more famous cities such as Cairo, Abu Simbel, Sharm el-Sheikh, Jeddah and Medina[i].Egypt Air, Air Cairo, and Nile Air are some of the common airline services company which offer you cheap flights to and from Aswan.The airport was established in the year 1956 and was improved by the Egyptian government back in 1992 and 1999. You can now find affordable flights online to Aswan and choose from a variety of airline options, only on

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About Asmara City

Asmara, also known as Asmera, is the capital and the most populous city in Eritrea, a country in East Africa. The city is a monumental mixture of Italian and African culture. The city is situated on the long cliff besides Ethiopia at the edge of the Eritrean Highlands and the Great Rift Valley. Asmara holds considerable historical significance as the city was the main base for the Italian Invasion in the year 1935 and after that, the city suddenly started expanding as one of the leading cities in Italian East Africa. The city was also declared as a World Heritage Site chosen by UNESCO in 2017[i].At an elevation of 2,325 meters above sea level, Asmara is the sixth highest capital in the world by altitude. Asmara is home to the Eritrean National Museum and also known for the cultural architectural buildings including Enda Mariam Cathedral, Opera House, Fiat Tagliero Building, neo-Romanesque Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, neoclassical Governor’s Palace, and Art Deco Cinema Impero. You can now easily find cheap flights to Asmara online on

About Asmara International Airport

Asmara International Airport is the largest airport in Eritrea which was built in 1922 by the Italian colonial authorities[ii].Asmara Airport was mainly constructed for providing military services and was destroyed by the British during World War II. In the 1990s, after the independence of Eritrea, the airport became an international airport of Independent Eritrea. Asmara International Airport is also the only airport in the country that receives scheduled flights regularly and hence, you can find affordable flights to and from Asmara online with ease. Air Arabia, Eritrean Airlines, flydubai, EgyptAir are some of the airlines that offer flights to and from Asmara, Eritrea.




About Málaga

Málaga is the 6th largest city in Spain, with a population of 571,026 as of 20181. It is the capital of the Province of Málaga in Andalusia, located in Southern Spain. The city was founded in 8th century BC, and the archaeological remains from various Roman, Phoenician, Arabic and Christian eras make it a historical center. The famous sculptor and painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Málaga. The destination is well known for some of the most amazing beaches in the region, including the old fishing village of La Carihuela, the beautiful beaches of Mijas Costas, as well as Playa Catela. Malaga is sanctified with sunshine all over the year with mild winters and hot summers. The wind blowing from the MediterraneanSea makes the summers manageable. The closest airport one can book a cheap flight to Málaga is the Málaga Costa del Sol Airport.

About Málaga Airport

Málaga Costa del Sol Airport is the official name of the Málaga Airport that started its operation since June 2011. The Málaga Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Spain, located 8 kilometres from Málaga2.The Málaga Airport has flight connections to over 60 countries, making it an important hub for tourists looking to explore Spain. The Málaga Airport is operated by AENA (Aeropuerto de Málaga-Costa del Sol). The airport has three terminals along with a cargo terminal and general aviation terminal, along with two runways and handles 85% of the non-domestic traffic of the region.  Terminal 1 is currently closed, and flights to non-Schengen destinations are operated from Terminal 3. Terminal 2 is a combination of pre-existing passenger terminals. You can now affordable flights to Malaga through for a tension-free holiday.

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About Bamako

Deriving its name from the Bamaro word meaning “crocodile tail”, Bamako is the administrative center and the largest city of Mali in Africa. Today, it is considered to be the fastest-growing city in Africa[1]. Located along the Niger river, the region was the location of the powerful Mali Empire during the middle ages and was the capital of French Sudan when Mali was colonized by French up until 1960. The 7th largest urban center in Africa, Bamako has historically been a major center of commerce and cultural confluence. Bamako is famous for its musical traditions and performing street artists are a common sight in the city. A big reason for the rich musical culture in Bamako is owing to the wide variety of ethnic groups living in the region. To get to Bamako, a variety of cheap domestic and international flights to and from the Modibo Keita International Airport are available on

About Modibo Keita International Airport

The official airport of Bamako is known as the Modibo Keita International Airport and is the only international airport of the country of Mali. Its operations are managed by the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, and it handles nearly 100,000 passengers annually. The Modibo Keita International Airport, known formerly as the Bamako-Senou Airport was opened in 1974 and was upgraded and expanded between 2004 and 2012 as part of a US$181 million project funded by the Millenium Challenge Corporation based in the United States. You can now book affordable flights online with, in a simple, convenient and efficient manner.






About Baghdad

Founded in the 8th century and the former capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, Baghdad is an important intellectual and commercial center in the Middle East. In addition to being the home of academic institutions such as the “House of Wisdom”, Baghdad was also famous for fostering a multi-religious and multicultural environment. Baghdad is situated along the Tigris river and is the capital of modern-day Iraq. It also happens to be the largest city in West Asia and is also known as the “City of Peace”[1]. Baghdad has historically been characterized as a major center of learning and education. Many of the important landmarks in the city such as the Mutanabbi street reflect this. Baghdad also features a variety of monuments and similar attractions that one cannot miss. A variety of online cheap domestic and international flights are available to and from the Baghdad International Airport if you are planning a trip.

About Baghdad International Airport

The Baghdad International Airport is Iraq’s largest international airport and is also the base for Iraqi Airways, the national airline of Iraq. The Baghdad International Airport, known originally as the Saddam International Airport after the then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, was opened in 1982. While the airport was non-functional for passenger aircraft from 1991 to 2003, operations resumed in 2004 and the Baghdad International Airport handles close to 8 million passengers annually. Currently, expansion plans are underway in the Baghdad International Airport to add two new terminals and to increase the annual passenger handling capacity to more than 15 million. You can now book affordable flights to and from Baghdad a have you pick from amongst various airlines on




About Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat, India. The geographic location lies on the west bank of the Sabarmati River, which is about 545 km north of Mumbai, and 901 km southwest of Delhi, in India. Out of the numerous attractions here is Capital Complex, a famous hotspot for tourists in Gandhinagar. The grandeur of the building talks big of modernity, the elegance of the artistic brilliance of the architectural structure is clubbed well with technical expertise. The region around Gandhinagar flourishes in the production of commercial crops, especially cotton. The tranquility of the scenic beauty and the exquisiteness of the intricate carvings make it a suitable destination for spending the holidays. Book economical online flight tickets to this beautiful place with for impeccable booking experience, without any problems.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport

Located at Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is operated by the Airport Authority of India (AAI). The airport serves the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Besides, the airport acts as a cargo hub as well. It connects the Blue Dart Aviation, Emirate Sky Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo for cargo transports.  Further, several other Indian carriers such as Indian Airlines and Jet Airways also use Sardar International. Currently, the airport has three terminals. The first terminal handles domestic operations, while the second and third terminal is for international passengers.

Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal. It hosts eateries, retail outlets, bookshops, and a VIP Lounge. The second terminal, capable of accommodating more than 500 passengers at a time, consists of departure and arrival areas. The departure hall features six immigration counters, a restaurant, a duty-free shop, a gift shop, and two custom counters. The third terminal, which is the international terminal, features both arrival and departure areas with four aerobridges and 32 check-in counters. The terminal also provides 900 car parking spaces.

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