About Cedar Rapids city

Cedar Rapids is the 2nd largest city by population after Des Moines in the Midwestern state of U.S., Iowa[i]. The city is located in eastern Iowa around 44 km north of Iowa City on the banks of Cedar River, a 544 km long river crossing the states of Minnesota and Iowa. The city was incorporated by the Iowa State Legislature in 1849 as Cedar Rapids, which was named for the rapids in Cedar River. The city is also known as “City of Five Seasons”, a symbolic representation that appear throughout the city in many ways. The Tree of Five Seasons sculpture on the north riverbank is the symbol of the five seasons. The city is home to several arts and cultural museums including the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, the African American Museum of Iowa, Orchestra Iowa, and Theatre Cedar Rapids. Some of these are popular tourist attractions in the city. If you are wishing to have a memorable trip to the city, just book affordable flights to and from Cedar Rapids online here on the Ejazah website.

About Cedar Rapids Airport

The Eastern Iowa Airport is a domestic airport in Cedar Rapids. The airport is located on the Wright Brothers Boulevard, 5 miles southwest of the city. The first airport in the Cedar Rapids was Hunter Field Airport which was a private airport established in 1920 by Dan Hunter. In 2018, the airport management was able to handle nearly 1.2 million passengers throughout the year. You can easily find taxis, public buses, and rental cars to reach the airport from the town. You can now book cheap flights to the Eastern Iowa Airport online here and now with


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