About Al-Bahah

Al-Bahah is a city in the western part of Saudi Arabia and also happens to be the capital of the Al-Bahah region. Gifted with a generally pleasant climate and surrounded by more than 40 forests, Al-Bahah is one of the most widely visited tourist places in the Saudi Arabian kingdom. To get to Al-Bahah, you can book cheap flights through online portals to and from Al-Bahah from nearly any place in the world. Located close to the holy cities of the Makkah and Madina, Al-Bahah is centrally located both in terms of tourist attractions and for religious pilgrims.

About Al-Aqiq Airport

Set up in 1983, the Al-Baha Domestic Airport is also known as the Al-Aqiq airport and was constructed at a height of above 1672 metres above sea level with a single runway spanning 10,991 Ft. * 148 Ft. The Al-Aqiq airport is serviced by Flynas and Saudia airlines that frequently fly to and from Abha, Damman, Jeddah and Riyadh. Various cheap flights to and from Al Bahah are available to and from the Al-Aqiq airport that can be booked through online portals.




About Accra

Accra, which is also known as the City of Accra, is the capital of Ghana. It is the largest city in Ghana, consisting of the Accra Metropolitan District and 11 other municipal districts[1]. A unique aspect about the city is that its western border forms due to the intersection of Mallam junction and Lafa stream, while the Nautical College forms the Eastern edge. The University of Ghana and Gulf of Guinea form the northern and southern borders of the city. The major tourist attractions in Accra are the salt ponds of Tettegu and Aplaku, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the Independence Square, the National Museum & National Theatre with their Chinese architecture, the Black Star Square, and the Ohene Djan Stadium. There are numerous Five-star and Four-star hotels in Accra. There are many popular beaches such as Bojo Beach, Labadi Beach and Kokrobite Beach. To reach Accra, one can book cheap flights from any part of the world through flight booking portals like Ejazah.com.

About Kotoka International Airport

The Kotoka International Airport is the sole international airport in Ghana, which is situated in its capital city, Accra. The airport is operated by Ghana Airports Company Limited and serves as the regional and domestic hub for Africa World Airlines. The airport has a total number of 3 Terminals along with a VVIP terminal and a military terminal that is used for diplomatic flights and military flights, respectively. Currently, Terminal 1 is not operating due to the redevelopment of the terminal into an FBO. Terminal 3 serves international and long-distance flights and Terminal 2 operates domestic flights. Being the hub for traveling to most of the other neighbouring regions, you can book flights to and from Accra to explore various locations. You can book cheap flights from Ejazah.com through air travel service providers like Africa World Airlines. The airport was earlier known as Accra International Airport, which was renamed to Kotoka International Airport in 1969 in honour of Lieutenant General Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka.

IATA code: ACC



About Abu Dhabi

Being the second-most populous city in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the largest and the capital city, among the seven emirates of the UAE country[1]. Abu Dhabi is the main centre of the government of the UAE and the central oil council. It is also the home of the royal Emirati family and the president of the UAE. Owing to immense reserves of oil and a high-income population relative to other cities of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a major centre of politics and industry and is also recognized as a cultural and commercial centre, that is reflected by the fact that it accounts for nearly two-thirds of UAE’s total economy. Being one of the most important cities in the UAE, there are a lot of cheap flights to and from Abu Dhabi.

About Abu Dhabi Airport

The official name of the airport at Abu Dhabi is the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Serving more than 20 million passengers in 2014 alone, the Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second-largest airport in the UAE and is divided into three terminals i.e. Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3[3]. The Abu Dhabi Airport is spread across an area of more than 8500 acres and mainly services Etihad Airways which is the 2nd largest carrier in the UAE. Founded in 1982, the Abu Dhabi International Airport has two parallel runways, each spanning 4100/60 metres and has three terminals that service both domestic and international flights. The airport is connected to the surrounding city by a highway network and the E20 road passes directly under the airport. The airport is also serviced by buses, of which the A1 line directly leads into the city centre. For affordable flights online, you may visit Ejazah.com to find yourself enjoying the wonders of the region.




About Bergen

Located on the West Coast of Norway, Bergen falls in the Hordaland County of Norway. The city was established in the year 1070 by Olav Kyrre, then King of the Norway, who named the city Bjørgvin, translating to the ‘the city of green meadows among the mountains’ as the city is located amidst seven mountains. This second most populated city of Norway[1] has developed on the brink of a flourishing shipping industry and is also the site of extensive aquaculture. The scenic and architectural beauty of the city compels a traveler to stay a little more each time they visit. Ejazah.com can help you book cheap flight tickets to and from Bergen with the best in class stay and travel facilities.

About Bergen Airport

The Bergen Airport, Flesland, renders air travel services to the city of Bergen and Hordaland County as well. Primarily operational for military purposes, this airport was deregulated and reorganized to serve the public in 1988. Despite having limited space and small runways, it is the second busiest airport of the Norway[2]. It is equipped with modern-day technology and architecture to accommodate the massive number of passengers. The major airlines that connect it to the international and domestic routes are Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa, Wideroe, Danish Air Transport, et al. Booking flight tickets online to and from Bergen is now facilitated through the Ejazah.com website.

IATA code: BGO



About Bacolod – Silay

Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental province in the Philippines. Bacolod City, Silay City and Talisay together form the Bacolod Metropolitan Area for which the Bacolod is the metropolitan capital. The Bacolod Metropolitan Area is located on the North-Western coast of Negros Island – which is the fourth largest island of Philippines. Bacolod is also known as the ‘City of Smiles’ because of the MassKara Festival that is held every October. Silay is known as the ‘Paris of Negros Islands’. Talisay is a city that falls between the Bacolod and Silay cities. Bacolod is a highly urbanized city and the Bacolod Metropolitan Areas are the fastest growing areas in the country; thanks to the amazing Sea, Road and Air connectivity. The climate of Bacolod is pleasant and the temperature remains constant in this area throughout the year. The monsoon season starts from May and it extends till October.

About Bacolod – Silay Airport

The Bacolod – Silay Airport is one of the main airports on the Negros island. The airport is a Principal Class 1 airport located 5.5km North-West from the Silay city. The airport is known by its call-sign ‘BCD’ among the airlines. The airport has the capacity to cater to 1.2 million passengers per year but the actual number of passengers goes beyond that. The airport offers mainly domestic and international passengers as well as cargo services. It has many good infrastructure facilities such as Passenger Terminal Building, Cargo Terminal Building, Passenger Boarding Bridges, Taxiways and other regular airport facilities. The CAAP supervises the improvement, repair and maintenance of airport facilities. The main airlines that operate from the Bacolod – Silay Airport are Cebu Pacific (also operated by Cebago), Philippine Airlines (also operated by PAL Express), Philippine AirAsia, Zest Airways and South East Asian Airlines.

IATA code: BCD



About Amritsar

Amritsar, situated in Northwestern part of India, is a metropolitan region in Punjab. The city, in the northern region of the state of Punjab, is close to the Wagah border, bordering Pakistan. The historical significance of this city is derived its association with the freedom movement of India. The flux of modernity and traditionality preserved by the locals of Amritsar gives the city a cherishing atmosphere. Amritsar is known for is amazing food and culture. The people belong to this region are called Punjabi people and they are ever-welcoming and friendly people. There are numerous historical as well as tourist attractions in the city. Traveling to Amritsar, which is also at a very less distance from the capital city, Delhi, via a flight, is now simpler and economical with the assistance of Ejazah.com. Turn to us to book a cheap flight to and from Amritsar.

About Amritsar’s Airport

Sri Guru Ram DassJee International Airport renders the service of air travel not only to the people of Amritsar but also to adjacent states of Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. Located northwest about only 7 miles from the city of Amritsar, the airport was named after the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das Ji, who was also the founder of the city of Amritsar. This fastest growing airport, in the fiscal year 2017-18[1], is a mix of traditional Indian architecture and high-tech building serving the most minimalist needs of the travelers. Plethora of services like foreign currency exchange centers, restaurants, 30 check-in counters, 26 immigration counters, number of custom clearance points, et al. can be availed at the Airport. With Ejazah.com, you can now easily book affordable flight tickets online!

IATA code: ATQ




About Barcelona

Barcelona is a metropolitan city located on the North-East corner of Iberian Peninsula which comprises of countries Spain and Portugal. It is a city in Spain, located on the coast of the Balearic sea. And of course, Barcelona is known for the famous Football Club FC Barcelona for which Lionel Messi plays1. Because of the Balearic sea, Barcelona has a very pleasant weather. In fact, even at the peak of the summer season, the temperature of Barcelona remains under 30 degree Celsius. Also, pleasant rain showers are observed throughout the year. The two main languages spoken in Barcelona are Catalan and Spanish; also, the locals understand English and French to an extent2. You can now book cheap online flights to and from Barcelona through Ejazah.com.

 About Barcelona Airport

The official name of the Barcelona Airport is Barcelona Airport – El Prat. This is the main airport that is in the Catalonia Autonomous Region. The airlines identify Barcelona through its call-sign ‘BCN’. The airport is located in ‘El Prat de Llobregat’ area which is 14 km South-West from Barcelona city centre3. The Barcelona Airport handles more than 47 million passengers every year. Most of the global as well as affordable local airlines operate from Barcelona Airport on a daily basis. British Airways, Air Canada, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, LATAM Airlines, etc. are just a few of the examples. The Barcelona Airport is well-equipped to cater to a huge number of passengers. There are 2 terminals at the airport and it offers amazing services. You now have the chance to book affordable flights online and choose amongst a diverse variety of airline service providers through Ejazah.com.

 IATA code: BCN



About Adana

Adana is a city in the Anatolia region of South-Central Turkey, located near the North-Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a very strategic location cradled by the mountain passes and the fertile plains of Seyhan River. Adana is the main city of Cilicia, which is the most productive area in Turkey with regards to agricultural activities1. The city has a dry-hot summer subtropical climate which means from April to October, the temperature may reach the mark of 45 degree Celsius. It boasts of a very progressive economy, thanks to the early industrialization in the 19th century. It also contributes to 34% of the Peanut production and to 29% of the production of all the Oranges in Turkey. If you would like to book cheap flights online to this modern city with good connectivity and tourism sites2, just go through the various options that we provide on Ejazah.com.

About Adana Airport

 The official name of the Adana Airport is Adana Şakirpaşa Airport. It is located in the Şakirpaşa area which is around 6 km away from the Adana city3. This is one of the most important airports in the region offering robust domestic as well as international air connectivity. The Adana Şakirpaşa Airport – Adana is known by its IATA callsign ‘ADA’. The Adana Airport was built in the year 1937 and it is the oldest airport Turkey that is still operating. Many European and Middle-East airlines have regular flights to and from Adana Airport and tourists can easily book online flights to and from Adana. Also, Adana Airport is one of the well-established airports in Turkey with facilities such as Medical Assistance, Currency Exchange Facilities, ATMs, Car Rental, Tourism Information, and Domestic as well as International Passenger Terminals.

IATA code: ADA



About Vadodara

Vadodara, also known as Baroda, is a city named after “Vad” which means the Banyan tree in Gujarati, the local language in Gujarat. The city is built along the banks of the river, Vishwamitri, and is one of the largest cities in Gujarat, India. With a number of palaces including the Lakshmi Vilas Palace and other historical forts from the royal Maratha family and Gaekwads dynasty, the city is also known as the cultural capital of Gujarat. The highway, NH-8 connects the city to both of the most visited cities in India, named as Delhi and Mumbai. The city is also very well known for celebrating the most performed festival in the state, Navratri. The city has a domestic airport and international terminal where you can easily fly through cheap flights to Vadodara. Other than this, the city also has the largest university in the state, Maharaja Sayajirao University which was established back in 1881 and later renamed after the ruler of Baroda State and its patron Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III.

About Vadodara Airport

The airport is officially named as the Civil Airport Harni and it is the 3rd busiest domestic airport in the state handling more than 1.5 million passengers a year[i]. You can easily find flights online from and to Vadodara flying from and to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. In August 2016, the airport introduced a terminal with an area of 18,120 sq. meters that can easily handle 700 passengers per hour. The new International terminal building also has a single sheet rooftop of 164.2 which is longest sheet rooftop in the world[1]. They can handle the Airbus A320, Boeing 737-800 while Air India and IndiGo Airlines offer flight services to fly from the airport. You can use our online portal to book affordable flights online to Vadodara and other regions across the country.




About Sigtuna

At a distance of merely 50 kms from Stockholm, Sigtuna is a local municipality that houses more than one treasures for the willing tourist. A destination that is unique and stands out from the other more “touristy” attractions in the country of Sweden, Sigtuna was actually the first city to have ever been built, way back in the year 970 CE[1]. Even though it is a small city, with just a population of 9000 individuals, it is a rich nexus of history, culture and tradition. You can now book cheap flights online to Sigtuna with Ejazah.com and explore the various museums, runestones, ancient churches and other marvels that call this ancient city their home.

About Stockholm Arlanda Airport

The main airport associated with Sigtuna is the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The airport was first opened in the year 1959, even though the year in which the gates were opened to the public was 1962. Stockholm Arlanda Airport boasts of four terminals and three runways, which see flights from different airlines, including Aegean Airlines, Air Serbia, Air Leap, Direktflyg, easyJet Switzerland, Eurowings Nordica and more. Speaking of flights, you can now book affordable online flight tickets through Ejazah.com and visit this wonderful airport and the amazing city that surrounds it, yourself!

IATA code: ARN



About Sakakah

Sakakah is a city in northwestern Saudi Arabia, which is the capital of Al Jawf. Sakakah is an oasis town that used to be frequented on the travel routes across the Arabian Peninsula. Al-Jawf’s history dates back to more than four thousand years. The locality has many historical and prehistoric archaeological sites such as the Za’bal citadel as well as the Omar ibn Al-Khattab mosque, located near Dowmat Al-Jandal and Mard citadel (just south of Sakakah). There is also the ancient Rajajil rock in Sakaka, dating back to nearly 6,000 years. In recent times, the Saudi government has provided more financing to the Al-Jawf region, especially in Sakakah in hopes of developing this economically deprived region. As a result, the city has many new government buildings, schools and hospitals, built next to the crumbling ruins of older buildings. Book cheap flights to Sakakah with Ejazah.com today!


Al Jouf Airport

Al Jouf Airport is an airport serving Sakakah (also known as Al-Jawf or Al-Jouf), a city in Al Jawf Province, Saudi Arabia. The airport resides at an elevation of 2,261 feet (689 m) above the sea level. It has one runway designated 10/28 with an asphalt surface measuring 3,661 by 45 meters. The airport has 6 airlines: Air Arabia, Flydubai, Flynas, Nesma Airlines, Nile Air and Saudia which cater to a variety of destinations, serving the needs of customers. Also, the airport has restaurants that sell food and drinks, along with duty free shops. What are you waiting for? Turn to Ejazah.com today for online flight booking and choose the option that best suits your budget.


IATA code: AJF



About Kota Ambon

Kota Ambon is one of the islands in the Moluccas group. This island is located almost 7 miles off the southwestern coast of the isle of Ceram. The Ambon Island offers various opportunities for travelers seeking vivid adventures.  Besides exploring the pleasant city of Kota Ambon, there are many unexplored treasures ready for visitors to experience. Trekking is one of the best ways to explore the area. There are numerous tourist spots and one of the most famous of them is Mount Salhatu. You can find amazing natural hot-springs and hot-gas vents (solfataras) in Kota Ambon. Book cheap airfare tickets to Kota Ambon with Ejazah.com for a happy and comfortable journey. With the best selection of cheap flight tickets, your booking experience is going to be hassle-free.

Pattimura International Airport

The Ambon Pattimura Airport is the regional airport in Ambon City, Maluku, Indonesia. One can find an immigration office, segregate facility, a cargo storage building, and various small restaurants. For flexible communication, the airport has public payphones and a post office. There is also free Wi-Fi internet facility available for the passengers.

Further, the airport has 14 arrival routes scheduled within Indonesia. There are about 15 domestic departures and 14 domestic arrivals. Some of the popular departure destinations are Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar. Besides, it has one runway that caters to the night landings as well. Apart from that, the airport handles most commercial jumbo jets. There are setups for single-engine aircraft, light twins, business jets and commuter aircraft. Almost, there are 12 airlines, out of which, some of the most active terminals include Airfast Indonesia, Aviastar, Citilink. Now booking flight tickets to Ambon city is just a click away with Ejazah.com, the travel portal for convenient ticket booking and travel planning.




About Bujumbura

Burundi is dubbed as the ‘Heart of Africa’, as it is located in the central region of Africa. In addition, the city is also known as ‘the country of millions of smiles’ because of the friendliness of its people. Bujumbura, formerly known as Usumbura, is the largest city and former capital of Burundi, and also stands as the capital of the Bujumbura Mairie Province, placed in the northeast corner of Lake Tanganyika1. It is known to be the commercial and transportation center with a ferry connecting Kigoma, Tanzania. Bujumbura is located in the cotton growing area, with the main economic sectors including cotton processing, fish processing, coffee, and pharmaceuticals.

Bujumbura International Airport

The official name of the Bujumbura Airport is Aéroport international de Bujumbura. It is an airport located in Bujumbura; 11 km North-West to the city. The airport has a 3600 m long runway paved with asphalt. In 2004, the airport served 85,434 passengers. The airport has a variety of airlines and destinations to meet customer needs2. The airport has many airlines serving different destinations such as Air Burundi, Air Tanzania, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Interlink Airlines, Kenya Airways and Rwandair Express. Tourists can book cheap flights to and from Bujumbura and enjoy great trips.