About Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a part of Germany and a major financial hub to the European Central Bank which makes it even more popular. It is a great tourist destination and can be visited all year long. However, the best time to visit Frankfurt is in the early spring, i.e. March to June. The city has loads to offer architectural enthusiasts and those who love art and craft. It has some of the best music, and culinary skills from across the globe and people come here to enjoy every bit of it. Frankfurt is a popular city and people who come to Germany do not finish their trip without visiting Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt is a major financial hub, and therefore the airport is very busy as compared to any other cities in the world. Frankfurt is the fifth largest city of Germany making it one of the busiest itself. It hosts domestic as well as international flights from all the major carriers of Germany and its nearby countries. It has an average service of 65 million passengers each year. It has been tagged as the fourth busiest after London’s Heathrow airport. The airport has the most direct routes in the world making it trend across the globe.



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