About Belgrade

Belgrade, also known as Beograd, meaning ‘White City’ in Serbian, a local language in Serbia, is the largest city and capital of Serbia[1]. The city is located at the wonderful panorama at the confluence of two rivers named Danube and Sava. The city is also recognized to be situated at the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Peninsula. With an amazing nightlife all over the city along with a most dramatic view over the rivers, Belgrade is also known as the city that never sleeps in Serbia. The city also has a number of forts, historical landmarks, palaces, museums and parks which makes the city worth visiting. With an area of around 360 square km there are 1.7 million people that reside here, which is almost one-fourth of the total population of Serbia[2]. Other than all of these aspects, Belgrade is also the educational, political, cultural, historical, economical, and sports centre of the country. Being the largest city in the country, you can easily find plenty of cheap flights from and to Belgrade across the globe.

About Belgrade Airport

Belgrade Airport, known as the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is the International airport which is the largest, most functional and busiest airport in the country. The airport was established back in 1910 and is currently operated by the Government of Serbia and the French group of Vinci Airports. The airport is also a hub for the major airlines in Serbia including Air Serbia, Flag Carrier, Aviolet, and Wizz Air. The airport is so busy and huge that it managed to handle over 2.5 million passengers in the year of 2019. You can discover affordable online flights from or to Belgrade on

IATA code: BEG


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