Cape Town City

Cape Town is a pretty city set on the coastal banks of South Africa. It is also the capital to the country and a part of the Western Cape. This part of the city is a legislative capital while the other two capitals are in different parts of the state. Cape Town is an ideal location for tourists and a lot of people from across the globe come to the town to experience leisure. It has abundant activities that you can do while you visit the city. Adventure activities, beach activities, surfing, flower gardens and much more. Your day would never end here in Cape Town.

Cape Town Airport

The Cape Town International Airport is located 20 km from the city center and is operational since 1954. It is the primary airport that serves the city. It is the only airport that has scheduled passenger services and is also the second busiest airport in South Africa. The route from Cape Town to Johannesburg is the 9th busiest route in the world and sees around 4.5 million passengers on a yearly basis. You can take direct flights to almost any country from here and the services are all top-notch for all passengers to feel comfortable.



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